When people begin to use the internet for the first time many of them are fascinated by what they find. If the new internet user becomes comfortable with a particular web site such as a search engine then they will rarely change search engines unless they accidentally discover one that is easier and better to use.

Google is the most used internet search engine in the world. When people are new to the internet they are more apt to use Google. When Ask.com was bombarding televisions with their Ask.com commercials many people did go and try out Ask.com's search engine. The ironic thing is that many of these people Search Engineswho tried Ask.com for the first time did not type the URL in. They click their home page which happened to be Google and then typed in "Ask".

When BING search engine was first released many people did a Google search asking "Why Bing Is Better Than Google." Regardless of if you prefer Bing Or Google the fact that both supporters of Bing and detractors Googled for information about Bing on Google.

I once worked with a lady that would only use DogPile.com for her searches. When I asked her why she preferred DogPile over Google when clearly Google was a better and faster search engine. Her response was that she liked the cute dog on the main page. She probably would of still been using DogPile but she had to replace her AOL email. She signed up for Yahoo email. After using Yahoo email she got in the habit of using Yahoo as her new search engine.

When I first began using the internet I occasionally used AOL search at a friends house but when I got my own internet connection I use to use AltaVista. I loved the image search feature on AltaVista. I generally used AltaVista and Yahoo search engines. One Day when Google was in it's infancy I ran across it. I tried out this new web search engine Called Google and fell in love with it. It was a simple page that loaded fast with my dial up. The results were not loaded with sponsored results at the top like many sear ch engines were doing. I knew Google would become very popular. I had no idea that Google would turn into the giant company it is now. I was surprised by all of the side ventures they have got into. I love Google. I always use Google 99 percent of the time. Occasionally, just for a trip down memory lane, I do a search on AltaVista.

Image Credit: (Flickr/FreshFreedom)