Using an outdoor storage bench can be a major step in solving the problems of providing weather tight storage for all those items that seem to collect on the deck or patio. Items such as outdoor furniture covers, patio umbrella weather covers, extra cushions, patio lights, bug sprays, charcoal and other barbecuing items that need to be handy yet stored in a weather tight enclosure.

Reviewing these benches and other other outdoor storage containers we discovered that customers have made great use of them by storing, garden tools, garden hoses, deicing salt, pool supplies and  many other items. Even if you are not yet in the market for a storage bench you could pick up a number of great tips for using them by spending a little time reading over the many customer comments..

Handy Storage Solutions For All Kinds Of Outdoor Tools And Toys

Many outdoor items are usually difficult to store in a garage or yard shed. They need protection not only from the weather but also from rodents. This kind of protection is difficult to achieve in a garage or yard shed but fit nicely in a solid weather proof storage container designed for the purpose.

When that weather tight container can also provide extra seating or table space as an outdoor storage bench does it makes it a much more valuable addition to your outdoor spaces. These outdoor storage benches and deck boxes can actually be left out year around even in northern climates keeping your deck and patio items safe and handy for the next bright, sunny day. You won't have to go searching through basements, garages or back yard sheds to find those important items.

Find the Best Outdoor Storage Solutions For Your Home

In addition to the outdoor storage bench you should also check other patio storage items such as deck boxes, storage bins and possibly a Rubbermaid storage shed. In this article we will review a few of the most popular and highly rated storage benches based on discount prices and customer comments.

Suncast SS1000 Storage Seat
4.8 out of 5 stars  113 customer reviews

This handy low cost bench made with resin construction would be great for any deck Suncast SS1000 Storage SeatCredit: Amazonor even on a small apartment balcony.  While certainly not one of the larger benches It has received over 100 positive reviews and only six negative comments. Even some of the customers who left a negative comment said that the bench was so useful and priced so low that they would buy another. Here are a few of the problems that were discovered.

One customer stored bird seed in the bench and found that squirrels were able to chew through the panels.

Another customer had a problem with the panels slightly warping and the color fading after a few years exposure to sunlight. However she went on to say that everything still worked alright.

Step2 Outdoor Storage Bench
20 customer reviews

This stone textured, weather resistant, molded polyethylene bench has received high Step2 Outdoor Storage BenchCredit: Amazonmarks for it looks and durability. Customers are using this model to store everything from pool supplies to kids outdoor toys. The manufacturer rates this bench as suitable seating for two adults with a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

With plenty of positive comments we only found one actual complaint. One owner found that he could not pull the bench around once it was fully loaded. Here are a few snippets of the positive comments:

“The best-looking storage bench that I have seen.”
“Don't think twice its a great item as all Step 2 products are easy to put together and durable!”
“We are definitely happy with this purchase and plan to buy another for our other porch.”
“We put it together, it rained and the cushions in it were nice and dry the next morning.”

Put this one on your list to review.

 Keter 186300 70 Gallon Garden Bench Box
5.0 out of 5 stars

We have listed this one because it is one of the more attractive designs in the low price range. Although it only has 5 customer comments these customers had very positive reviewsKeter 186300 70 Gallon Garden Bench BoxCredit: Amazon. This one looks like it will become one very popular outdoor storage bench. This bench is rated at a little over 700 pounds for two adults. It also has provision for a padlock which was much appreciated by some customers.

Here are a few customer snippets:
“In fact so perfect I bought two, one for the boots and foot wear and the other for the bird food and winter salt.”
“ The bench is lockable, having attachments in the center front of the bench that can accommodate a padlock.”
“It looks great. Isn't too big or too small. I can store three of my large cushions in it perfectly.”

Why not stop by Amazon and read the reviews for yourself and see if this might be the perfect storage bench for your outdoor needs.

Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box
4.8 out of 5 stars 80 customer reviews

We wanted to add this unit although it is more of a deck box than storage bench. It hLifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck BoxCredit: Amazonas received over 80 customer reviews. A few minor complaints about assembly and only one actual negative complaint that had to do more with customer service than anything else.

If you have lots of “stuff” to store than this might be just the item you need. This box is a good reminder to be sure and consider how much  and what kind of items you will be storing. Choose the item that serves your needs the best for storage and seating and extra table space for those summer barbecues.

Based on several customer comments it is probably not a good idea to store bird seed or any other food stuff that would attract squirrels and they can choose thorough most of the products used in the construction of these storage items. Actually it seems that those pesky little devils can chew through just about anything if the put their little minds to it.

The outdoor storage bench is only one of the wide selection of outdoor storage solutions you will find listed on amazon. The customer comments are one of the most valuable features of the amazon listings. With a little review you can quickly tell if there are any major flaws in any of the products and also find out how other customers have put there storage solutions to use.