Lately I have been trying to find a way to get back some of that energy I had when I was younger. I remember those days where I felt like I had energy that would never end. Well, I feel like it did end, and now I feel like I am always tired, and I don't have the same interest in life that I used to. I figured that I am 38 years old now, and the fatigue is only going to get worse, so I had better do something about it right now.

First, I want to state that I like to use natural remedies, I don't like the thought of using chemicals that can have adverse side affects. I started doing some research, and found that there are many herbal supplements that people claim give you more energy. I knew I couldn't just take someone's word for it, so I decided that I would try out some of these supplements, and see just what would happen.

I tried all the B vitamins, and those really didn't help, don't get me wrong, I did feel a boost in energy, but it wasn't enough to really make much of a difference. I think that taking B vitamins on a regular basis, instead of just a month, that a person would have better results.

I kept trying different remedies, but I still wasn't having much luck, and I was becoming frustrated. I was wondering if I would just always wonder through life exhausted. I hated walking around in a haze, I wanted a clear head and some energy. One day I was doing some more research and stumbled across a remedy that I hadn't heard of before, and after reading comments by hundreds of people, I decided to try this remedy too.

The remedy was apple cider vinegar(acv), most people suggested a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, after every meal. I decided to give it a try, I went to my local health food store, and purchased some organic apple cider vinegar with the mother in it. I read that this is the best kind of apple cider vinegar to get, because the mother has a the nutrients. I took the acv home, and was ready to try it out. There was a big problem though, the taste was awful, and I couldn't get it down just by itself. I read about people mixing the acv with orange juice, and this really does make it much easier to take. I took it one step further, and ordered acv tablets, much easier to take.

I was truly amazed with the results, from the first day I started taking the acv. I felt like I had come out of a thick fog, and I had so much more energy. I wasn't expecting this to happen, I thought I might have a small increase in my energy level, but I didn't expect to feel this good. I feel like I am a walking billboard, but I really feel so much better. I have had other benefits of taking the acv, I have had low blood sugar problems, and since taking acv, my blood sugar has leveled off, and I don't feel like I am going to pass out if I don't eat at a certain time. I have also started dropping some weight, probably from doing more because of the increase in energy, and from the acv.

What a ride it has been, from no energy, to abundant energy. I really feel like I have been given a second chance at feeling young, and useful. Who would have thought that such a simple thing like apple cider vinegar, could make such a drastic difference. I really feel like I have found a cure for people who lack the energy to make it through the day. So, if you feel run down, and have no energy, try some organic apple cider vinegar, and you will see a difference.