Craftsman Garage Door Opener

Overhead Door Accessories

Sears Craftman Garage door openers are one the most recognized brands of overhead door accessories on the market. Craftman products are available exclusively at Sears are one of the most trusted names in hand tools and power tools and of course garage door openers.

Currently Sears offers eight different Craftsman brand garage door openers. Sears reguarly offers their garage door openers at sale prices at different times thoroughout the month. Keep your eyes open for these discounted prices. Each garage door opener is available on their website while some are available in store. Free Sears store pickup options are available for online orders.

The least expensive of all of the Craftsman overhead door openers available at Sears is the Craftsman #53920 Garage Door Opener 1/2 Chain Drive system. At regular price you can get your hands on this unit for just $139.99. If you catch one of Sears' many sales on this door opener you can expect to save about $7 making it only $132.99. The system comes with one remote and can be purchased in store or online.

Sears offers the Craftsman #23930 Garage Door Opener with 1/2 hp Chain Drive plus Security and Anti Burglary Coding. This overhead door opening system is available at a great price. The regular price of this model is $159.99 but can sometimes be found on sale for between $121.59 - $127.99. Check with your local store or online for up to date pricing. Although this model may be inexpensive it has gotten some great reviews on the Sears website. Out of 124 reviews 65 people have given this product 5 stars and 40 people have given it 4 stars.

The Craftsman #53985 1/2 hp Premium Chain Drive Garage Door Opener is available for 189.99 regular price. (As low as $144.39 on sale.) Both the # model and the #53985 model operate on a chain drive system with a 1/2 hp motor. The later comes with an included wireless keyless entry pad and premium control console. According to the reviews on the Sears website seventy-three percent of customers would recommend this product to a friend. This garage door opener as well as the others listed here are available for professional installation.

For quieter operation a garage door opener with a belt drive as opposed to a chain drive is the way to go. Sears offers the Craftsman #53915 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener with 1/2 hp motor and motion-detecting control. This door opener system has gotten over 90% positive reviews on sears. com. Belt Drives offer the quietest operation and this model is no exception. This product has many great features that the previous two models did not, such as advanced motion detecting control console and 200 watts of light,  lock button which locks remote control signals (perfect for when you're out of town,) and many more features. The price ranges from $229.99 to $174.79.

Three-fourths hp garage door motors equals more power, strength and speed. If you hate waiting for your overhead door to fully open then you might need to upgrade to a a garage door opener system with a 3/4 hp motor like the Craftsman #53990 3/4 Chain drive Garage Door Opener with Keyless Entry. This is great for folks who want quicker entry or people with overhead doors made of heavier materials than the average aluminum garage door. The price of this unit can range as low as $174.79 on sale up to $229.99 regular price.

For just $199.99 (on sale, regular price $289.99) The Craftsman #30437 AssureLink Internet Connected DC Chain Drive Garage Door Opener lets you link your garage door opener to your smart phone. With AssureLink technology can open or close your garage door from an internet connected smart phone or computer. This systems also has the ability to automatically close after a pre determined time with audible and visual alert prior to closing.

Craftsman #3043 Garage Door Opener with AssureLink(TM) Internet Connected DC Belt Opener with DieHard (R) Battery Backup is great if you want the security of knowing your electric garage door opener will work in the event of a power failure then you might want to look into purchasing this system. The regular price for this automatic overhead door opener is $329.99. This item is available for layaway at Sears as just as most items available at Sears are eligible for layaway.

One of the pricier overhead door opening systems is the Craftsman #53918 Garage Door Opener System w/ 3/4 hp belt drive,  and Die Hard Battery Backup. If you want a garage door opener with speedy lifting capabilities, quiet operation and  Battery Back-up then the Craftsman model #53918 is definitely for you. This unit has top of the line features for a very reasonable price. It can be ordered online and picked up in the store for free.

The most expensive garage door opener available at Sears is the Crafstman #53939 Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. This automatic garage door opener system is a high-end model with lots of great features such as a 3/4 hp belt drive which means quiet but powerful operation. Two security+ remotes are included with this unit as well as one compact remote control that can easily slip inside of a pocket or purse. A keyless fingerprint entry pad is also included. Parking assistant and HomeLink technology are also key features of this unit. This unit is available for just under $400 regular price or on sale.


Automatic Garage Door Accessories

Sears and Craftsman also offer a variety of overhead door accessories that one might need such as a garage door remote control for people seeking to replace a lost remote or upgrade an old remote control. Wireless garage door monitors are also available. Mechanical garage door replacement parts are also available via the website or in the store.

Although there are several brands of garaged door opening systems Craftsman is one of the top makers of garage door opener and a top distributer of over head door accessories.