Yes Sears Is Hiring Now: Take Advantage Of The Job Opportunities

Yes you can get a job at sears because Sears jobs are available and they are hiring now.  Some Sears jobs (hiring now) include Customer Service and Sales Representatives as well has professional Pharmacy jobs and other hourly jobs available now for you to apply for and get hired today. 

If you are looking for a steady career in any of these areas then look for the Sears jobs (hiring now) section on places like "Indeed," "" and "Career Builders" who always have current Sears jobs posted.  The best place however to find Sears jobs (hiring now), is the Company's employment and career website.

Sears is one of America's oldest financial institutions. Working for Sears could be a very welcoming and rewarding experience for the right person. With the Internet, it is no longer necessary to go in person to fill out a Sears job application. You can easily fill out a Sears Online job application in the comfort of your home. It is as easy as logging onto your computer and then logging onto the Sears online employment application page.

Instructions For Finding Current Jobs Hiring

Finding Sears jobs (hiring now) is not hard once you are on the company's corporate website.

Log onto the corporate website and choose "careers" at the far upper right hand corner of the site.

Press the "search jobs" key.  Here is where you enter either "Entry level and hourly jobs" or "Salaried and professional jobs".  You can do the search from here if you want to search each job category separately. However, if you want to just do one search for Sears jobs (hiring now), just go to the site and perform a job search for current openings. On this site, you can search for just about any job by job function, business, specific keywords, exempt or non exempt, and by state or geographic location. The functions of this website even allows you to search for jobs to match your own unique skill set and competencies simply by uploading your resume. This job site for sears is always updated so you know you have a current and fresh selection.

Listings from the newspapers or websites like "Indeed" will have current job listings only for a short time and they may or may not be refreshed or replaced.  The sjobs.bassing site is a great bet to find Sears jobs hiring now


Following Up On Your Sears Job Application Online

To Following Up on Your Sears Online Job Applications, it is always good to call to make sure your application went through correctly.  Here are some numbers for Sears if you wanted to try and follow up.  They don't have an HR number listed, but you should be able to be directed to the correct Sears hiring person by contacting Customer Service.

Here is Sears Contact Phone Numbers according to

  • Customer Service: 1-800-349-4358
  • Corporate HQ: (847) 286-2500
  • National Customer Relations (1-800-549-4505) Fax 1-800-326-0485


When you call them, just explain to them that you filled out a Sears Online Job Application and you want to follow up on it, they should be able to connect you to the right number.  When you get connected to a hiring personnel, just explain to them that you filled out an application online and want to make sure everything was ok with it. Then proceed to ask if you may call in a few days to follow up and see if your skill sets qualify for the positions Sears is hiring for now.



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