Decorative and even soothing, seashell art is a beach treasure that brings the ocean and island living vibe into your home. It doesn’t matter if you live in a coastal village or the most land-locked of communities, you’ll love what these seashell decorations can bring to your design. Here, you’ll learn about the magic of seashell art, see some popular varieties, and even discover a few great decorating ideas with these popular pieces of beach decor.

Seashell Art: A Soothing Home Decorating Choice 

Donna Geissler Iridescent Seashell ArtWho doesn’t like the beach? It’s a popular choice worldwide for family vacations and quiet getaways. And while you’re there, it’s hard not to admire the beauty of the ocean’s seashells. Their natural beauty and unique shapes capture the imagination. Vacationers wake up early to comb the beach for the best shells and even visit shell stores to admire and buy varieties of all sizes.

This is why seashell art is so popular. Not only are the pieces beautiful to look at, they are a nostalgic reminder of good times with friends and family and a soothing remembrance of the relaxing coastal lifestyle.

Seashell Art Varieties

Seashell art comes in many flavors. You can find amazing decorative seashell prints perfect for hanging on your wall or collections of a variety of shells placed into unique wicker baskets. There are shells big enough to stand on their own as an artistic focal point in your room, and then there are seashell photographs featuring them in their natural beach habitat with waves lapping the shore as background.

Sand Dollar Shadow BoxesA very popular choice is seashell shadow boxes. You can purchase many beautiful handmade varieties, or, if you’ve collected shells from your beach excursions, you can build your own for a unique seashell work of art. All you need is the shadow box, some glue, and your imagination. These work especially well as seashell gifts for those who were with you on your ocean adventure!

Seashell Art Decorating Ideas

There are many home decor styles that can work with seashell art. The most obvious is a beach or island style room, patio, or pool area. Seashell decor obviously adds to the tone of these rooms, helping give it that relaxed beach vibe you are after.

They can also play very well geo-decor or vintage scientific room styles. If you are a collector of beautiful natural things like stones or fossils, or you’ve got a room with classic telescopes and microscopes as decor touches, natural seashell art can definitely fit right in and add some color.

Seashell art also works very well in kitchens and bathrooms of any decor style. In kitchens, they tie into the popularity of shellfish as a gourmet food. For bathrooms, the natural tie-in with water makes them a perfect design choice.

Wherever you decide to place your seashell art, it’s sure to be a relaxing reminder of good things. There are very few, if any other, decor accessories that have this ability, come in as wide of a variety, and work in as many rooms styles.