• magnet
  • seashells
  • clear rhinestones
  • sand
  • glue, white all purpose
  • hobby paint brushes
  • polyurethane liquid paint

Completed Craft Magnet

Cowrie Head Seashell Angel MagnetCredit: Angelo Rodriguez PhotosCredit: Angelo Rodriguez Photos

Use at least a 2" x 3 ½" flat magnet for this seashell magnet craft.  Office supply stores usually carry what they call business card magnets which are the perfect size. The magnets have a paper backing over a glued surface. This glued surface should be used to craft this angel magnet - just remove the paper backing before using.  The size of the magnet limits the size of the seashells you can use for this magnet craft. The larger the magnet the larger the seashells that can be used.


Go through your seashell collection and look for seashells close to the ones shown in the picture. If you want the exact seashells I have used and you don’t have them in your collection, try one of the seashell stores. You will need 8 seashells.


The head of this angel magnet is a small cowrie seashell. Turkey arks form the angel's wings.


A long seashell piece becomes the body. If you don’t have a seashell piece use an auger seashell or a piece of coral.


The arms and legs are formed using auger seashells with the fatter area pointing at the body – forming shoulders and hips.


Apply glue to the magnet on the sticky side. If using an advertising or printed flat magnet apply glue to the non-magnetic side. Spread it around with the paintbrush until the whole surface of the magnet is covered. I use white all-purpose glue because the glue remains wet for a while. This gives me the time needed to place the design on the seashell magnet.


Start at the top, placing the 2 turkey seashells. Set them so they angle from the center upwards toward the magnet's edge.  Leave about ½ space between the tips of the arks and the upper edge of the magnet.


Place the cowrie seashell above the "wings" in the center. The turkey ark wings should extend above the cowrie head.


Place the body (auger, coral, shell piece) under the wings – touching or almost touching.


Place two auger seashells, near the wings angled downward from the upper half of the body so they look like arms. Remember to put the fatter part of the augers toward the body so they look like shoulders.


Use 2 more augers under the body pointing slightly outward to form the legs. Once again the fatter part of the seashells should be closest to the body, and they should angle slightly away from center.


Finally place the 3 clear rhinestones at the head of the angel to form the halo. One rhinestone goes directly above the head, with the other two to either side at a slight downward angle.


Give the seashells and their placement a quick once over to assure they are in the position you want them to be. Move them if they are not.


Hopefully, setting everything in place didn’t take very long and the glue is still wet.


Sprinkle sand over the whole seashell project. The point is to cover all the glue that is still showing.


Once the glue is covered with sand, set the seashell magnet aside to let the glue dry.


After it dries, you can remove the loose sand by upending the magnet and lightly tapping the magnet. If you did the project on a piece of paper, you can easily gather up the loose sand and save it for future shell craft projects.


To protect this seashell magnet craft, use a hobby paintbrush to apply polyurethane over the seashells and sand. If you use gloss or semi-gloss polyurethane it will give the seashells and sand a bright and shiny look.


Once the paint is dry, you are ready to enjoy your seashell magnet craft. At home you can place it on the refrigerator. If you take it to work, a metal filing cabinet will hold this little bit of art nicely.


Use a sheet of paper (newspaper will also work) under the seashell magnet. It will protect your work surface and help in recovering any loose sand.


Place a tile – wood, plastic, or ceramic – that is slightly smaller than the magnet you are using and place it underneath the magnet. This will help avoid accidently gluing your magnet craft to the paper or work surface.


This project is not recommended for children. If the small parts are placed in the mouth they could pose a choking hazard. Direct adult supervision is recommended. If you are an adult that likes placing small objects in your mouth, get a child to supervise you! :)


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