Traditional seaside-holidays in UK are back. seaside-holidays give families everything they need, in UK, without the need for stressful flights that might be cancelled at the drop of a hat.



seaside-holidays in UK have always been great value and so much more convenient than dragging unhappy children around crowded airports. Even when people arrive at their foreign destinations, they are usually too hot for most children and many of their parents, too.



England is a beautiful country that most of us take for granted. There are, almost certainly scenic parts of England that you have not visited. English people never understand why foreign visitors want to come to visit. Very often it is only outsiders who truly appreciate how wonderful England is as a holiday destination.



The weather is the only thing that does not favour an English holiday. In some ways we are better with the weather we know and love than changing to temperatures of 350C degrees or more and suffering from heat stroke. Children cannot run around playing in the Spanish sunshine as they are used to doing in UK.



The seaside-holiday towns on the coast England, so beloved by the Victorians are still there.



Facilities have improved. Gone is the shared bathroom at the end of the corridor, once so common in guesthouses. Now all but the most humble guesthouses have en-suite rooms as standard. Guesthouse bathrooms were luxurious when they were built, but now we all have inside bathrooms and we have become used to that. Guesthouses have responded to customer demand for en-suite facilities by knocking down interior walls and recombining rooms to accommodate bathrooms.



The most important thing, after the weather, for any seaside-holiday ion England is the quality of the beach and bathing. Beach and water quality have improved beyond measure over the past twenty years. Sewage is no longer discharged just a few hundred yards out to sea at bathing beaches. Modern sewage treatment plants have been installed at most seaside-holiday resorts in England and Wales and their beaches now meet stringent 'Blue Flag' standards.



Opting for a seaside-holiday in England also means you can take your own car and all the luggage it can hold, rather than be limited to twenty kilograms each or less with budget flights to Spain. It is the ONLY option with young children and babies with all the equipment they need. Smaller children are happier in our cool climate, too, because they become overheated so easily in hot weather.



If you have a dog, going abroad also means you must find kennels, which is another expense you had not thought of linked to the idea of a foreign holiday. You will always find seaside-holiday hotels in England where dogs are welcome, and your dog IS part of your family after all.



Here, we all speak English, giving another major plus for a seaside-holiday in England, no struggling to make yourself understood, no pretended misunderstandings due to different languages and no unwanted leering looks, and gropings, from misogynist foreigners.



Hotels are only one of your options for a seaside-holiday. In England we have a magnificent self-catering holiday sector and mobile home parks (called 'holiday homes') at every seaside-holiday destination.



You will find that every seaside town has special events on throughout the summer and into autumn too. These events mean that there is always plenty to do, for you and the children.