The windows in one's home are visible from both inside and outside. They are a major consideration when deciding on the décor of the various rooms in a home. A window can become a major focus point of a room, and what better way to decorate for the seasons and holidays during the year then by decking out your window treatments. Of all the colors that relate to holidays, red is the most prominent. Incorporating various shades of this color can bring holiday fun into one's home no matter what time of year.

The Christmas and winter holiday seasons are the times when many homeowners get into a decorating mood. Red window curtains can be used in many ways to enhance these decorations. For instance, one can hang ruby lace panels with tiny white LED lights woven in and out through the lace. Apple and green plaid window curtains can bring the holiday spirit into any room. Bright tree ornaments can be used as tie backs for raspberry and cream drapes in one's living room, giving a festive as well as elegant look to the room.

In the spring, shades such as salmon or rose can be used as the background for light cotton floral window dressings. Faux ivy draped over the valance can give a fresh, new look after a cold, dreary winter. These colors also work well in summer to bring the outdoors inside.

One holiday when a homeowner can use their red window curtains is July 4. There are many ways to use this color. For instance, white and blue garland draped over scarlet curtains brings a festive air into the Seasonal Red Curtains (23378)room. Another idea would be to use panels of the above color with a valance of white stars on solid blue.

The fall brings with it the colors of the season. Window treatments making use of shades of red and orange can transform a room into a warm inviting area. Burnt orange silk style window dressings, in a family room, can bring a sense of warmth and comfort into the area. Using the above in the bedroom can change the mood from sleepy to sensual.

The use of color is an excellent way to bring fun and excitement into anyone's home, whether they are celebrating a holiday, or welcoming the change of seasons. Using the various shades of red curtains along with matching color accents helps to give a unique and inviting feeling to all those who enter into your home.