Looking for extra money this Christmas?, then seasonal part time jobs work well. They allow you to earn extra money for a short period of time, without committing to a full time job.

These positions at Christmas work really well for students and homemakers and anyone looking to make money for the holiday season. Many of the retailers start getting ready for the holiday season in October, in terms of hiring, and this year there are two fairly big stores that are already searching and ready to hire.

Toys R Us

This toy store does a lot of its yearly business at Christmas, and they are now putting out the word through the news and with social media, that they are looking to fill 4500  part time positions this year for the Christmas season. So, start checking online or go to the nearest store and get your application in for this years holiday season. If you love kids and know toys, then this is a good place to start looking.

Future Shop

If you live in Canada, it was just recently reported that 4000 seasonal positions were to become available for this years holiday season. The prediction is that with the economy on a slow recovery, and lots of new technology on the market this year, that the electronic sector will do well with the holiday shopping.

Best Buy

In USA and Canada, they will quite often pick up jobs for the Christmas season. Electronics still seems to be at the top of the Christmas list for most kids, and if you are a student looking to earn extra money for gifts or for yourself, or a homemaker wanting to add income to the household at this expensive time of year, then consider an electronic shop. If you know a lot about electronics and technology, then get your application in. Search online as many stores have online applications now, or head to the nearest store and get your name in.

Seasonal Part Time JobsCredit: morguefile.com

Drug Stores

Many drug stores cater to all the makeup lines, and perfume lines and more. They are not just aspirin and chocolates! They will hire extra staff at Christmas, especially if it is a big store. Find one close to you and check them out online or in person for applications.

Online Applications

Start early, if you want a seasonal position, especially at Christmas. There are many applicants looking for extra work, so you need to get your name in before the Christmas rush begins.

Many larger retail stores and department stores have an online application process, so you can search out the store name and see if they have one.

Christmas Season

If you have been wondering just what types of jobs for the holiday season would be available, many of the positions consist of unload and loading stock, stocking shelves, helping with warehousing and selling on the floor with some training. It all depends on the store you are applying at.

Working in a seasonal position is a great way to get back into the work force, or if you are a student, a great way to get started in the working world. Sometimes if things work out well, you can end up staying on part time, but otherwise if you simply are looking for a job with a beginning and a end, or short term, then term jobs are a great way to go.

Looking to work for this years Christmas season?, then also be ready to work boxing day and beyond for the after Christmas sales, as they can be just as busy or even busier!

Get your applications in early, and make that extra money this year.