Creating your own job this summer, can be both fun and financially rewarding.

Seasonal Summer Jobs, don't have to be the local fast food outlet or the ice cream store down the road or just limited to cutting lawns or babysitting. There are many needs in your neighbourhood that you can turn to profit if you just stop and really look for these opportunities.

When creating your own summer job, you probably think of lawn cutting, or babysitting, but try looking beyond that for a need, or a niche market that could use your services, and pay your way this summer.

Weeding Gardens is one great business idea, as many people don't think to advertise for this job, but hate doing it themselves. They keep meaning to weed the garden but it never gets done.

Well beyond that is also to do with gardens. With everyone getting these nice garden designs done and spending more time at home, there is much more work and maintenance to do. Even though they may stay at home the rest of the year, people still like their summer vacations. Even if they don't go far, it doesn't take long for that lovely garden and yard to go to weeds!

Nothing worse than coming back from vacation after two weeks of fun and rest, to overgrown weeds. Many people will think to ask someone to cut the lawn and pick up the mail, and even feed and walk the dog, but they don't tend to think to get anyone to weed the garden. Many lawn cutting companies do not offer this service, or if they do, it is very expensive. This is where you come in. For a good price, you can offer to do garden maintenance while people are on vacation.

You can come up with a flyer, listing all the things you are willing to do for them while they are away on vacation. You can cut the lawn, you can weed the garden, you can get the mail and you can even feed their cat or dog.

If the family is not sure about letting you in the house just yet, then they may still use someone else for the mail and the pets, but will likely give you a try to weed the gardens and water them if necessary.

Many people have those hanging planters outside. They require more water than any other part of the garden. You can list watering annuals and planter boxes as one of your services. These are things that don't often get thought of when people are going away, especially if they are going for more than a week.

Nothing like coming home to wilted and dead planter boxes!

So, if you are trying to come up with a service for your seasonal summer jobs this year, then why not market yourself to take care of properties while owners are on vacation. If you are strong and healthy and willing, there are many jobs around a house, that homeowners would rather not do. Many are working long hours and having long commutes. But at the same time they want a nice yard and house.

This is why services such as house cleaning and maid service are doing so well. This is another market you could venture in to, but for now, trying to help them with the summer chores while on vacation, that are outside, is a perfect way to make money this summer.

If you get your flyer made up, and ask your parents or friends families if they know anyone that needs some help (make sure you let them know you are wanting to make money!) You as a parent can ask around the neighbourhood as well. See who is going away and when. Word of mouth is a great way to get noticed.

But you also must do a good job. Word of mouth can work both ways when it comes to a service business.

Sometimes people might only need a couple of days of help. Let them know this is OK too. You don't need a contract for the entire summer, this quite often scares people, as they don't know what they are doing from one week to the next! Many people get loads of topsoil and mulch delivered in the spring, and will need help spreading it in the gardens or on the grass. Or they may rent a roller to roll the grass, or a rototiller to churn up the ground for a new garden or vegetable patch. These heavier chores are something you as a young healthy person, can help with.

Just let them know up front your hourly rate, and work hard. Don't slack off, but make sure you drink plenty of water, and let them know when you are going to take a break.

If there is someone in your neighbourhood doing some home renovations to their house, and the garden is full of debris. Approach them and offer (for a fee of course) to pick up the yard. If someone is creating new gardens, offer to help with the heavy stuff.

Mostly keep your eyes open in your immediate neighbourhood and you will see many ways in which you can help. You are still going to get some people who say "no thanks", but don't let that put you off. Not everyone likes to hire extra help, they want to do it themselves. Don't bother them again, and move onto the next people. But don't be surprised if a few weeks down the road as it is getting hotter outside, and the chores are building up, that they don't approach you for some help then.

In spring time, the chores all happen at once. The grass seems to grow overnight, the house and fence need painting, and the flower beds are growing bigger weeds than flowers, and if you are working and commuting a 10 hour day, there just is not enough time in those early months of spring to get it all done. This is when you as a student, will most likely make the most money of the season.

May and June, everything grows like crazy. If you don't get it under control then, it seems to be a game of catch up all season, especially if they also go on vacation at this time of year. So, push your promotional flyer as soon as things are starting to green up. Go in person to deliver your flyer. Make sure you are wearing clean work clothes and boots, because many people will hire you on the spot. This is a good thing!