Amazon hires a lot of people for seasonal work on a temporary basis.  These jobs, depending upon your performance, can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months and can not only put extra money in your pocket this holiday season, but can lead to a permanent job with the company.

Getting hired on at Amazon is not a difficult process, but it does take time.  You will generally have to go through a temporary agency to get in the Amazon doors.  Also, once you have been passed through into Amazon’s care, Amazon will administer a drug test on-site.  This is the cheek swab drug test.  It uses your saliva soaked into a sterile swab that is then placed on a drug sensitive strip.  If you pass this saliva drug test Amazon will put you to work almost immediately.

And you will work.  The jobs available for seasonal employment are all very physically demanding.  You will be standing and walking through your entire shift (except for during lunches and mandated breaks). 

Amazon Seasonal EmploymentAmazon is a stickler for through put and quality control.  The term “fast-paced environment” was probably coined for their work ethic.  Amazon has a quota for number of pieces picked per hour – any employee not meeting this standard (which can be fairly aggressive dependent upon which department you are assigned) will not be retained very long.

Also, an eye for detail is required.  Amazon prides itself on having precious few shipping errors, and there is a good reason for this.  People assigned to picking materials from inventory bin locations are trained on RF (radio-frequency) scanners to scan barcodes on each product picked.  The products are then scanned by the next person in the chain of custody, etc. If an order gets out to a customer (and it is wrong) Amazon’s sophisticated RF tracking system allows them to find exactly where the error occurred and correct it.  So, if you pay close attention to your work, you can make a decent amount of money to help you pay for Christmas by working at Amazon.

Like any job, preparation is key. Avoid resume mistakes, brush up on interviewing skills, dress to succeed and stay clean! Many otherwise qualified workers have been rejected for failing their mandatory drug screen.