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A guide to the colors of fashion for the transgender woman

   When it comes to fashion, color is one of the most important parts of what is going to make up your wardrobe. Color can make your outfit Pop, or wash you out completely. It has a profound effect on us, making us come “alive” with color. It can also have a huge effect on whether you blend in or not. Poorly chosen colors can make you stand out like a sore thumb. As a Transgender woman you want to blend in and not call too much attention to yourself. So it's very important to know what color your skin tone matches, so you can pick out the most flattering colors for you. If your just starting out then you have the advantage of getting every piece of clothing the right colors. But if you already have a wardrobe the chances are that about fifty percent of the colors are right for you. You know the ones, they make you feel great when you wear them. People's color types are commonly described as seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn because of the colors they represent. Here is how to determine your own season.


Get a Mirror – Get a mirror and using natural light, near a window or outside, look at your skin tone. Make sure you are doing this without makeup. Summers and Winters have a pink undertone to their skin while Springs and Autumns have a golden undertone. You can use the mirror to look at your inner wrist where the undertone is more noticeable. You can further enhance the undertone by placing your arm, inner wrist up, over some white paper.


Autumn – Autumns have the golden undertone but often have colorless cheeks and darker skin tones. Most have darker blonde to brown hair with golden or reddish highlights. They may have green, brown, hazel or bright turquoise eyes.

      Your best white is a beige-tone white. Autumns can wear all warm beige’s except taupe and rose-beige. Dark Chocolate brown is excellent for autumns. Any gold, yellow-gold, pumpkin, mustard or terracotta(think about the color of autumn leaves) works well. Forest green and moss green are good for you and any oranges should be salmon to rust. The best jewelry for you is gold. Avoid if you can black, pink, navy and grey.

 Winter - The most predominant of all the colors. Most Black and Asian people look good in winter colors, as well as people with olive-skin or taupe-beige skin,(light or dark). Some may have milky white skin and dark hair but all will have a pink undertone. Most winters have dark hair and they grey attractively. Their eyes are most often a deep color.

      Your best colors are true, vivid, clear and icy. You are the only season that can wear pure white and black. Think jewel tones in primary colors such as true red, emerald green, royal blue or turquoise. Navy blue and burgundy are also great. You can also try royal purple, hot pink, magenta and fuchsia. The best jewelry for you is silver. Avoid if you can orange, rusts, gold or yellow-greens and all muted colors.

 Spring – Springs have a golden undertone to their skin and may have freckles. They flush easily and can have rosy cheeks. Their natural color of hair is often golden blonde, strawberry blonde or golden brown. Their eyes are often blue, green or aqua.

      Springs will look good in the most delicate colors and your best white is creamy. Choose clear and warm light beige to camel with a golden undertone, but never pink. Your browns can range from a golden tan to milk chocolate. Golds should be clear but not harsh and your navy is light. Dark navy can make you appear harsh and ageing. Spring looks fantastic in many shades of aqua, turquoise, periwinkle blue and medium violet. Also peach, apricot, salmon and coral as well as peachy pink. Light orange, orange-red, clear red and yellow-greens can also look wonderful on you. Your jewelry is gold. Try to avoid black, pure white and any color that has a blue undertone with dark, muted colors.

 Summer – Summers usually have a pink look to their skin. Their hair may be ash blonde to dark ash or dark brown but always with an ashy look. Their eyes may be blue, green or soft hazel.

      Pastels are good for you; winter-white(soft white), most blues and rose-pinks to deep rose. Your reds, grays and greens should have blue tones. All lavender, orchid and mauve’s (as long as pastel) will also work. Your jewelry is silver. Try to avoid yellow, black, pure white and any yellowed beige’s, gold and oranges.

      An easy way to learn your color palette is to think of the actual colors of natures seasons. Spring transgender women are most enhanced with the soft new colors of young flowers and foliage. Autumns come to life with the rich, warm tones of fall. Winters look best in the icy colors of winter; while summers are flattered by the colors of summer flowers. Mix and match your colors, experiment and see what you can come up with. After a while you will develop your very own style.



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