SeatPets Seat Belt Pets For Kids


Buckle Up and Snuggle Up? 

By now you have probably watched the commercial on tv and your child's probably been bugging you about getting one. So if you are like me, you may be wondering if these seat belt pets are worth the price, and where you can get one.

When I first started seeing the commercial on tv for these seat belt pets, I must admit, I couldn't see the point. It was only after I did a bit of research on them that I realized that the idea is really cool. I would go so far as to say... its almost genius.

What I Like About Seatpets:

As a parent who struggles with keeping my child in their seat belt, a seatpet was the way to go! The size of the pet itself helps to keep it in place so it is less likely for your child to try to slide their shoulder belt off of their shoulder.

The head of the seatpet is large, so it doubles as a pillow. The positioning of the head of the pet, falls in the right place so your child can use it as a pillow. Pretty neat!

Storage pockets. Each seatpet has hidden pockets that your child can use to store different small items. Each has a zipper pocket on its side, a pocket in the mouth area, and two pockets down the front (on the belly area)

Easily removable and re- attachable. They attach with velcro so they are easy to remove from the seat belt, and re- attach again just as easily.

Different designs. There are seven different seatpets to chose from. My favorite one is the lion, and that is the one I purchased for my daughter. She seems to like it as well.

What I Don't Like About Seatpets:

The commercial says that if you have a seatpet, parents won't ever again have to hear "are we there yet?" and I still hear that from my daughter. (lol) I guess the commercial for the pet itself is my least favorite part. The lyric annoyed me at first, but then began to grow on me. As with most as seen on tv products that appeal to kids, seatpets is no exception when it comes to attracting a young audience, which isn't a bad thing - just not my favorite.

Other than the actual commercial, I think seatpets are worth the price. Currently you find these for sale at a few places online, but the SeatPets website has them at a great price, but you can also find them for sale on Amazon.

My rating of SeatPets

SeatPets Staceyrk 2013-07-24 4.5

Purple/ Tan Monkey Seatpet

Seat Pets Purple/Tan Monkey Car Seat Toy
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Red/ Black Ladybug

Seat Pets Red/Black Ladybug Car Seat Toy
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