Seattle to New York flights have been operating for quite some time between these two great cities.

There is a great demand for flights between Seattle Airport and LaGuardia Airport with flights operating many times a day. There are approximately 15 airlines that provide Seattle to New York flights. In the past Delta has always been the least expensive for flights on this route and Continental has been found to be the most expensive. But this can depend very much on the time of year you go and the offers available at that time.

Other airlines that provide flights from Seattle to New York include United, JetBlue Airways, American airlines, US airways, Air Tran, ATA, north west, Japan Trans-ocean, Virgin America, frontier Midwest, Alaska airways, and multiple airlines. The times of flights on this route can vary from t 6hours 28 minutes for the quickest of flights and 9 hours 9 minutes for the slowest so it is worth checking the flight details before you purchase your tickets as the time of the flight can vary greatly depending on who you fly with an the time of day you choose to fly.

Traditionally you will find that Tuesday is the least expensive of all the days to travel between Seattle and New York as flights will tend to cost on average about $306. on the other hand, the most expensive day of the week to travel is Sunday with flights costing on average $353. So there is not a great deal of difference in price between these days. But indeed if you are on a budget the $50 difference may mean a lot. In fact if you are looking for good discount New York flights then you may find a bargain if you are willing to be flexible, or even a good New York flights and hotel package if you are looking to stay over in New York.

Flights from Seattle usually fly into LaGuardia International Airport as LaGuardia handles most of the domestic flights to and from New York but you may find that the occasional flights may fly into and out of Newark liberty international airport or John F Kennedy International airport. These include continental who have their worldwide hub at Newark liberty international airport. So this may have an impact on what Seattle to New York flights you choose to book.