Dolphin Pool


Great price if you buy the annual pass with FREE parking

Refillable Mugs

Great Shows


Really Hot in the Summer

Long lines on rides

A little long to walk from the parking lot

Full Review

Hi everyone,

I am here to review for you , the great amusement park of San Antonio,TX...Seaworld!

My family took a few days off to sort of relax in San Antonio for a few days . Here was what we found.

Going in we found with our season pass that parking is free which is normally $15.00 or $20.00 depending on how far you are willing to walk. You can pay the extra $5 bucks for the preferred parking but we are cheapskates so we took the regular parking.

Rule number one: Get there early, the early you get there the better the parking spot.

Rule number two: You can't bring any coolers bigger than a lunchbox. And you cannot bring any outside drinks, or straws into the park due to injury to the sealife.

Rule number three: Bring Money! Its not cheap eating there or buying souvenirs, I can however say on behalf of Seaworld that you can buy a souvenir mug for $8.00 and get all the refills you want for .99 cents which is an exceptional deal. They will fill if for FREE with water and ice if you ask them to. You can even use it on a future visit so its worth the money.

Rule number four: expect long lines on the rides and expect it to be hot! We went in August you know it was hot. Bring sunscreen!

They do have lockers there you can use. A pretty nice water area for the younger kids.

We rode on the Texas Splashdown, it was not real scarey , even for an old lady like me. I seen two year olds braving this ride with no problems. I didn't get real wet either and I rode in the front of the LOG .

There is a lot of walking , be prepared to walk. You can wear tenny's but seems flipper floppers are the way to go at the park.

I noticed lots of people with small children, they do have strollers for the children and they have the electric scooters for rental there too. They are like $40.00 bucks for the day. I have never rented one, but am thinking about it next time I go.

The shows are great! they have the "BELIEVE" show with Shamu that is so awesome.It had me watching in awe as this beautiful mammal showed off his tricks.

Also , since i was there last time a few years ago , they added a new show called "Pirates Plunder" they only had two shows during the day, good thing we had an annual pass( which you can get for mere pennies a month on their website with EZ PAY) . It was quite comical and very good. I enjoyed it very much.

The "Cannery Row Caper" was very cute. A show about a fish market whose fish has been stolen and it features a couple sea lions and a walrus.! Very entertaining. Watching the kids' faces was very enjoyable.

We didn't get to pet any dolphins but as you can see by our photo, we got pretty close, of course you can spend $5 bucks to feed them, but i opted out for that.

We didn't eat anything at the park , but they had some stuff that smelled awesome there. We ate at Mcdonalds, they have one right before you get to the park gates. We would eat our breakfast there and then go into the park.

Plan on spending all day. It really takes two days to see the whole park with all of the shows. They have a great gameroom in the park, and awesome roller coaster called the "Great White" . I don't dare ride that but my daughter and hubby did. They snap your picture and you can see what you look like while your on the ride. Pretty cool!

Hope you have fun at Seaworld! This is the only Seaworld Park I have attended .

In Closing

Everyone should go to Seaworld at least once! And you should bring Kids,Grandkids and Grandparents! All will enjoy this Great theme park!