Second hand building materials can save you a lot of money and can actually provide a look you cannot get from newer items.  If you are remodeling or having a home or cottage built, there is no better way to get it done cheap.  In this article, I would like to share with you some of the more common building materials that you can buy second hand, so you know what to expect and what to look for as you shop.  I will also let you know some unique ways you can buy these reclaimed items and save some money in the process.

Common Used Building Materials for Sale

Brick:  Brick is one of those odd things that generally gets better looking as it ages.  This is not the case with many items, but it does hold true with used brick for sale.  You can sometimes find 100 year old bricks that are still structurally sound and ready to use for your home repair or remodeling projects.  In this case, it is not cheap, but if you look around, you can find a really good deal

Hardwood Flooring:  Reclaimed hardwood flooring is one of the most popular second hand building materials you will find.  In many instances, it will have great character and will already be fully dry, so it doesn’t shrink after you install it.  The look of old hardwood flooring is hard to beat.  Knotholes, nail holes, and even some light staining can add to the attractiveness, especially if you are into the antique, distressed, or country look.

House Siding:  I have personally got used vinyl siding in the past.  It can be reused effectively without issue, providing there is not damage and substantial sun fading present.  Best of all, it is generally something you don’t have to pay for, since many people just throw it away.  If someone is residing, ask if you can have their old stuff.  Many times, the contractors doing the work are more than happy to let you haul it away, since it saves them time and the customers money on labor. Lapboard can be reused as well, but you have to fill in the nail holes properly.

Barn Board:  This is hot and has been for many years.  Anyone that loves the country look generally likes the look of old barn wood.  It is generally checked, cracked, faded, and looks old and rustic.  For many, this is just what they want for interior remodeling and design.  This can actually be pretty expensive, since it is highly sought after by many people.  People that do arts and crafts, contractors, and interior designers generally like it and will pay a hefty price for it.  You will find it for sale in a number of different places. 

Lumber:  When milled, it can be made to look like new.  For designer boards, that might not be desired, since the distressed and antiqued look is popular.  For structural integrity, it should be free of damage, major knotholes, and excessive nail and bolt holes, unless the board can be cut to shorter lengths.  

Doors and Windows:  Now, most used windows and secondhand doors are not nearly as energy efficient as newer ones, so you have to keep that in mind with building materials.  That is the tradeoff you will have to accept with either the cheaper price, or the look you want to get.  With windows especially, you can get unique architectural looks and stained glass, which is always highly sought after for its beauty.

Vanities:  You will find many second hand building materials for sale, including vanities.  Unless you are buying a very old vintage vanity, you will probably find them pretty cheap.  As long as the dimensions are correct, there is no reason you cannot buy used vanities.

Lighting Fixtures:  You will find that old chandeliers cannot be matched for their beauty.  The retro look can be very appealing, even in modern design, when used properly.  There is no reason not to consider used lighting fixtures as they can save a lot of money and give you a look you will not find anywhere else.

Bathtubs:  Old claw foot tubs are very popular and look great.  The vintage claw foot tubs are a great used building material option to keep in mind.  They can be cheap, but do not expect to find them easily, since few are left.  If you do, be prepared to buy as they often sell fast.

Old Farmhouse Sinks:  Used farmhouse sinks have a very unique look, which makes them very popular with many different people.  You will find they are available when very old houses are being remodeled, but they are not very easy to find.

Railroad Ties:  For landscaping project, nothing beats old railroad ties.  They look great as they age and take on character with time.  You will find they are for sale at a number of different places.

Where to Buy Second Hand Building Supplies

Contractors/Handymen:  Many contractors, handymen, and builders remove the old building materials when they are hired for remodeling or construction.  If you make a call to some of them in your area and let them know what you want, you might be able to get it pretty cheap or for free.  Since removal and disposal is generally a part of the contractors job, it can save them time if you pick stuff up at the building site and money if you haul it away for them.

Online Sellers:  There are a number of different online sellers.  Some are private sellers using sites like eBay, while others have reclaimed building supply stores online.  You can find a number of used items for sale this way.

Houses Being Remodeled:  Who is planning a remodel in your area?  Do some networking or just pay attention as you drive through the neighborhood.  If someone is having work done on their home, ask them if they will sell you their old items.  It can be a very effective way to buy second hand building computers.