Cheap Used Appliances for Sale

When it comes to second hand chest freezers, there are several things you have to look for, to ensure you get the best deal possible and don’t spend too much money on a lemon.  They can be purchased relatively cheaply, but if you buy one that doesn’t last, it is a waste of money.  In this article, I would like to go over some of the things you want to look at with secondhand chest freezers or uprights, some of the best places to find them, and some alternatives you might not have considered to buying used appliances for sale.

Buyers Guide for Second Hand Chest Freezers

The following are the things you will want to check to ensure you get a good unit.

Unplug and Plug In:  Do this several times.  Listen to make sure it clicks on as it should and do it over and over again.  You want to make sure there are not any shorts or dead spots.  I would suggest unplugging it and plugging it in at least 5 times to make sure it kicks on properly each and every time.  If the unit is turned off when you go to look at it, you also need to let it run for a while.

When you let a chest or used upright freezer that has not been on run for a while, you can ensure that it cools down properly.  While it can take quite some time for a unit to reach freezing temperatures, you can pretty quickly determine whether or not it is cooling just by using the thermometer and your own hand.

Listen to Compressor:  Does the compressor make clicking and buzzing noises while it is running?  If it is, this is a sign that you shouldn’t ignore.  This is commonly caused from a relay overload and it can be expensive to repair.  Please note that compressors will turn off and on, but if it is doing it often, it is a very bad sign that you won’t get much for use from your purchase before it needs repairs.  Most of the older units of 5 years or more will have compressors that make a steady humming noise.

Unfortunately, many newer models do not make any noise at all.  If you are looking at a newer secondhand chest freezer for sale, you might not hear the starting components run at all.  This is just something to keep in mind as you are shopping for them.

Check the Coil:  Is it a block of ice?  If the evaporator coil is a chunk of ice, then you have a couple of potential issues.  The most significant is that it is low on refrigerant.  This is an expensive fix.  This test will only work if you are buying a second hand chest freezer for sale that has been plugged in for some time.  If it is unplugged, it will not work, unless the seller is willing to leave it plugged in and running for a day before you pay for it.

Buildup of Ice: If the inside of the chest freezer for sale is full of ice and frost, it is a sign the defrost cycle is not working properly.  Not all units have an automatic defrost cycle, however, so having substantial frost buildup is not a sign of a non-working unit if it has no such feature.  They can be manually defrosted by simply turning them off for 24 hours or so, but this is definitely a hassle.  As you look to buy a secondhand model, an auto defrost option is a good thing to have.

Check Thermostat Setting:  This is not going to give you definitive proof of whether or not a used chest freezer is working properly, especially if the unit is put up for sale, not plugged in and running.  It will, however, give you a clue as to how it works. 

When units like this start to die on people and quit freezing the food properly, the most common thing people do is turn down the thermostat.  Seeing a thermostat that is turned down very low or at the lowest setting possible is a clue that it is nearing the end of its life cycle.  Again, this is not definitive proof, but will help you piece together all the clues as you make an informed buying decision.

Check the Gasket:  A leaky chest freezer gasket will cost money to repair and it gives you a good area to negotiate on price from sellers.  If you don’t fix it, you will spend a lot more money using it as energy efficiency is lost.  The best way to check this out is to put a small piece of paper on the freezer and close the door, so the gasket is on the paper.  Now, pull on the piece of paper.  If it comes out easily, the gasket is probably bad.  Do the same test in multiple areas to determine if the gasket is bad.  A dollar bill works great for this.

Where to Shop for Used Freezers

There are many different places you can go that will have them for sale.  The list below is some of the places you will want to check out.

Appliance Stores:  Many have used appliances for sale.  Make a call ask what kind of used appliances they have, so you can save some time.

eBay/Craigslist:  Online sellers are always out there on eBay and Craigslist and the prices are generally very  reasonable.

Classified Ads:  You might find them from private sellers at places like yard sales or estate sales pretty cheap.

A Great Alternative

If you are looking at buying an used appliances for sale that are only a year or two old, you might actually do better on price with scratch and dent appliances for sale.  In many cases, the discounts are 50% off or more, so you can sometimes buy new chest freezers under 100 dollars or even 50 dollars for very small models.  You can find refurbished appliances, scratch and dent appliances, and factory reconditioned models with rebates and warranties this way.  It is a great alternative to second hand chest freezers for sale.