If you are looking for second hand pallet racking, here is some useful information for you. Instead of buying new ones, a second hand pallet racking can also be used in warehouse storage systems to save money. These racks are used to organize the goods in the warehouse so that they are easy to find. You would find that there are a few advantages of using these racks in your warehouse which includes increased efficiency, space saving, easy tracking of inventory and they can also help protect your goods. The second hand pallet racking is the most popular type of rack used in most warehouses because of their versatility and durability. Unlike bulk storage shelves, you can assemble them in any way that you like to meet your own requirements.

Why Not Buy New Ones?

People often buy second hand pallet racking because most of the time, they are still in good condition. These racks are made of high quality and heavy duty steel which are made to last, so buying a used one should not make much of a difference compared to new ones. While there might be scratches or chipped paint, you are still getting the strength and functionality that they stand for. You would still be able to essentially get the same thing but at half the price.

Second Hand Pallet Racking

Second Hand Pallet Racking Overview

Now that you have good reasons to buy second hand pallet racking, here is a brief overview on how they actually work.

These racks consist of a few components, the upright frames, the horizontal braces and the decks to put your goods on. All of them are made of heavy duty steel so that they are able to withstand a heavy weight. They are assembled with brackets and nuts and bolts to keep them in place. When one unit is assembled, they would resemble a shape of a regular table. The upright frames have many holes in them for you to insert the horizontal braces, so you can decide on the height of the rack yourself. Unlike regular shelves which are fixed in form, with these, you can adjust the height to suit the goods you are storing. With this second hand pallet racking, you can stack each unit on top of each other to stack them up high up to the ceiling. This will help you save space and can often double your warehouse capacity.

The uprights and decks come in many different sizes. With a second hand pallet racking, you would normally have a choice of getting a regular deck or a more expensive heavy duty deck which can carry more weight. Since you can stack the second hand pallet racking up high, you would also need a lifting equipment for you to put the goods on the racks and to remove them to sell to customers. Forklifts are also used together with these types of racks.

Types of Second Hand Pallet Racking

Selective – This is the most common system used in warehouses. With this type of style, you can either opt for a roll formed or structural configuration. The roll formed one is simple to set up as you'd only need to hook on the decks to the uprights. They come with ready made hooks and mounting clips for easy setup. The structural one requires you to secure them with nuts and bolts to hold them in place. This type can carry more weight compared to the prior.

Narrow Aisle – As its name suggests, this configuration sets up the second hand pallet racking in a way that their aisles between them are very narrow. This is used to maximize the space utilization in the warehouse to enable you to store more goods in the given space.

Push Back – The push back configuration is one that gives you a lot of floor space organization based on depth rather than width. It reduces aisle space and increases the storage capacity of your warehouse.

Tips on Buying Second Hand Pallet Racking

If you are ready to purchase one for yourself, here are some useful tips when buying second hand pallet racking.

First of all, you'd want to make sure that the second hand pallet racking is free from rust. While the steel used is usually rust-proof, the older units might still be rusted due to long term exposure to moisture. Always ensure that the rack that you buy does not show any signs of rusting as you would not want your second hand pallet racking to collapse when you put heavy goods on them. To do this, look for any major discoloration on the frames and decks.

Next, you'd also want to make sure that the pallets are not damaged. When buying second hand pallet racking, it would be good to get someone to inspect them one by one to determine that none of them are damaged. Some warehouses use them until they become faulty and dangerous, so you should inspect them for broken or fractured parts. Also, always ask a qualified inspector to perform a routine check on your second hand pallet racking to ensure that they meet the safety requirements.

Where to Buy Second Hand Pallet Racking

There are actually quite a few places where you can get cheap second hand pallet racking if you know where to look. The advancement of the internet has made it very easy to get all the information that you need. You best bet would be searching for a few warehouse suppliers to compare their prices and the condition.

Warehouse Suppliers – This is the main place to get second hand pallet racking for your warehouses. Search for warehouse suppliers in your area using the internet or yellow pages. While they usually sell new ones, these suppliers often deal with many other businesses, so they would usually have some used ones available for sale. Browse through their websites or call them to get a quote. Even if they do not specifically state that they sell second hand pallet racking, they may know of others who do or they may have clients who want to get rid of their existing racks.