Recently I answered the following question from Rachel on Yahoo Answers:


I Have an R Reg Jeep Cherokee and want a car mat that covers the entire floor space of the rear of my car - including that bump bit. Does anyone know where I could get something like that - FYI I live in UK



Highland All Weather Floor Mat

Highland All Weather Floor Mats

I gave her the following suggestion:


There are a number of floor mat and floor liner makers in the USA who make the second row car mat that you are requesting. If you are looking for a carpet finish, you can use a standard custom floor mat from a company like Lloyd Mats.

If you want a bit better than the Lloyd Mats, I would recommend the Nifty Catch-All. It is custom molded with a rubberized back and a carpeted top material. These are very nice for protecting the floor with the special ability to hold any spills or water.

A more basic floor coverage, WeatherTech, Husky, Highland all make a plasticized rubber molded floor coverage for the second row floor pan.

You can find all of these at They ship to the UK. If you find what you want, place the order and they will email you a quotation for the shipping costs. You are responsible for any duties or taxes in the UK. If the shipping charges make the purchase too expensive, don't worry, they will cancel the order.

Jeep Cherokee floor mats are available at

Finding second row floor mats or floor liners for a Jeep Cherokee in the USA is very easy. They are available at auto parts stores, car accessory stores, car dealers, mail order catalogs and at retail internet sites like People from the UK don't have that many choices because the vehicle is US made and there are only a few in their market. Few web sites are willing to ship internationally. is part of and they are both owned by Owens Classic International. Owens Classic International is a 40 year old exporter of US manufactured car accessories. They make buying from the US a simple and seamless transaction when you buy from one of their stores.