Cheap second hand washing machines are readily available locally, but you should be careful when choosing a machine. In this article we'll take a look at a few things you should watch out for before parting with your cash.

Second hand washing machines

Second hand washing machines - with guarantees

Many local washing machine repair shops carry a range of second hand washing machines and dryers. It's quite common for these shops to offer a parts and labour guarantee ranging from 3 to 12 months. This might be a slightly more expensive way of getting a washing machine, having that guarantee in your hands may save you money in the long run.

Private sellers - the cheapest option for a second hand washing machine

Looking in the local press or adverts in newsagents windows can be the cheapest way to get hold of a washing machine. However there's unlikely to be any guarantee and you should always try to see the machine working.

Buying second hand washing machines off the internet

There are a number of websites that offer good value washing machines which may also include delivery. Once again you should ask to see if it is covered with a guarantee.

Second hand shops

Quite a few house clearance and charity shops have washing machines in stock. Check with the retailer if any form of guarantee comes with the machine.

What to look for when buying

When choosing a machine think about what you need in the same way that you'd buy a new machine.

  • Does it have a 6KG capacity drum needed for families?
  • Will the machine fit where you plan to put it?
  • Does the washing machine have enough settings that you're likely to need?
  • Even though you are buying a second hand machine, it's still good to see if it has a good energy rating to save on electricity.
  • Are you happy enough with the general condition of the machine, a tatty machine from the outside might mean its not been well cared for.
  • Is the spin speed high enough for your needs or will you need to finish drying clothes by hanging them up?
  • Finally does it come with with the water inlet pipes if you want to get it working straight away?

Would a new washing machine be better?

Sometimes you can find very good bargains on the internet for brand new washing machines. While these might be the basic machines or end of line, they can be very cheap and would come with a full 12 months guarantee.

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