Asia is a continent made up of various independent countries. Thus, the culture as well as the looks of people in Asia varies from one country to the other.

There are the Chinese beauties, Indian beauties, Filipina beauties, and others. However, no matter how different the culture of most Asian people is, there is one thing for certain. And that is the fact that the Asian beauty is undeniably unique.

As a matter of fact, Asian girls tend to use sets of makeup just to further emphasize their beauty. Nevertheless, not all of them know how to perfectly apply makeup. Thus, there is a need for them to be familiar on some Asian makeup tips.

The following are some Asian makeup tips that can surely define the makeup looks of a particular Asian girl:

Eye Makeup

Any combination of the eyeliners and eyeshadows is suited for Asian girls with wide eyes. On the other hand, Asian with hooded eyes should use only light eyeshadow in order to maintain the lovely shape of the eyes.


A stiff brush is needed in filling the eyebrows. In addition, there are some techniques that need to be considered in order to achieve a stunning look for eyebrows.


Curling the eyelashes can surely add effect on the beautiful eyes of the Asian. The mascara can be applied once the lashes have curled already. The black and brown mascara are the colors which suit the beauty of Asian girls.


Asian girls opt to have only a little amount of blush on their cheeks. This is just to enhance the glow in their faces.


A red lipstick really suits the beauty of Asian girls. However, any color of lipstick will do as long as it suits the shape of the lips.

Indeed, Asian girls are irrefutably beautiful. However, the makeup can surely still enhance their beauties from within.

They just have to be aware on the techniques as well as the proper way of applying a makeup. In this way, they can really prove that the beauty of Asian girls is indeed one of a kind.