To add to the popularity of the Ben 10 series, the company issued a feature length film entitled: “Ben 10: Secret Of The Omnitrix”. 

The movie aired on television with specific tie-ins to merchandise and stores.    It debuted in the US on August 10 2007 and then in the UK on October 22, 2007. 

The plot to the movie revolves around a battle with Dr. Animo leads to the Omnitrix, the watch like device that allows Ben to turn into a variety of space aliens so that he can do battle with the evil forces of the Universe.  The Omnitrix goes haywire and goes on self destruct.  The various characters from  across the series show up and an extensive adventure occurs.  The entire gambit of Ben 10 adventures and sagas are compiled while unresolved conflicts, messages, lessons learned culminate into an adventure where Ben finds out what his true mission is and his true place amongst the powers of the universe.  Even his old mentor Azmuth gets into a conflict with him and has some adventurous conflicts with Ben. Matter of fact this is the definitive conflict between Ben 10 and himself.  Fans got a full blast of Ben 10 in this movie and it introduced new characters and powers.  It resolved situations that had been going on during the series.  It had a great impact on the franchise and kids and fans around the world finally got to see what was really going on behind the story and got a taste of what responsibility and loyalty are all about.  Not to toss out spoilers, but this movie has all the Ben 10 favorite characters who interact quite well with the storyline which isn't that bad.  The animation was well done, voice acting top, and overall critics and fans liked it. 

As the franchise continues with the new Ben 10 series debuting in the US in June 2012, it's sure that there will be more Ben 10 movies and there sure are enough fans around willing to watch it.