As the new year approaches, new year resolutions are made. One of it is to shed some extra pounds on your belly to prep yourself for the summer. You made up your mind and sign up for a gym membership which cost quite a sum. Next you go to the supermarket to purchase new sports attires, shoes and accessories. Once you have all your gears in place, you begin to plan your schedule, hire a personal trainer and work on that ideal physique you always dreamed of. Two months in, work and life kicks in and you decided that losing weight is not so high on your priority list anymore, and you decided to throw in the white flag. Ten months later, the entire process repeats itself. Congratulations, you have joined a long list of people worldwide to give up on losing weight after listing them down in your new year resolution list. It does not have to be this difficult to lose weight. In this article, we will look at rules you can follow to lose weight. 

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  • Rule#1- Don't Drink Calories 

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A common mistake people often make is to rule out counting the calories in your drinks. I am sorry to inform you that calories are calories no matter what form it comes in. A typical work day usually includes one serving of coffee in the morning, perhaps some energy drinks half way through work and some soft drinks during dinner. It gets worst on weekends when you grab a beer with your friends. Now imagine if you cut out or perhaps just control the intake of these drinks, imagine how much calories you prevent. 

  • Rule#2- Eat Till You Are Not Hungry

Next time when you have your dinner or lunch, try to eat till you are not feeling hungry, instead of stopping only when you feel bloated. People usually eat till they are bloated because they eat too fast. If you do that, your stomach will fill up faster than your brain can tell you when it is enough. So take it slow, enjoy your meal and stop once you are not feeling hungry. 

  • Rule#3- Drink 8 Glasses Of Water a Day 



Water is the building block of life. Our bodies are made up of 60% water by weight, and therefore you should have adequate water at all times. There are endless benefits to drinking water. First and foremost, it does not contain any calories, which means that you can have as much as you want and it will not make you fat. Secondly, the process of burning fats requires water, and therefore staying hydrated will speed up the process of weight loss. Thirdly, drinking water makes you feel fuller. Last but not least, you need fiber in your everyday meal to assist your digestive system, but fiber without water will cause you to be constipated instead. 

  • Rule#4- Do Not Skip Meals

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If you are too busy to have a proper meal, pack some sandwich or have some mini snacks. The reason why you should never skip meal is because it will make you hungry and you will tend to eat more food for your next meal. Especially if you skip lunch, you will end up having a heavy dinner. The worst part is that after your heavy dinner you will most probably not work anymore, and all the calories consumed during dinner will turn against you. So always remember to pack some healthy snacks like nuts or fruits to prevent your body from feeling hungry.

  • Rule#5- Eat 5 Times A Day Instead Of 3
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Instead of having 3 big meals a day, plan your diet to have 5 smaller meals instead. This means that you will consume more times a day, but the calories intake will lower for each meal. The reason behind is this because having 5 small meals a day can keep your blood sugar level steady, which helps in controlling your appetite. In addition to that, it helps you keep the metabolism going, which means that you are burning more fats every second. 


There you have it, five simple and easy ways for you to lose weight without hitting the gym. Always remember, weight loss is a lifestyle. There is not point trying your best to shed some pounds only to rivet back to your original habits and gain it all back. Exercising is vital to your overall weight loss, but following these rules will get you to your destination too!