Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Females

A lot of offices give secret Santa gifts, which are not designated to a specific person, but rather to all co-workers or to a female or male co-worker. When in this type of situation, choose a generic gift that works well for either sex, or one specifically for the gender. The gift should be tasteful, work equally well despite the age of the woman recipient and not be too personal. This article is solely for secret Santa gift ideas for women, and is designed for co-workers, woman acquaintances or gift giving to a woman you do not know too well.

Holiday Jewelry

A small piece of holiday jewelry works well as a secret Santa gift. You can find many earring options online, such as Santa, angel or bells. She might also appreciate a necklace or chain that contain a pendant of a snowman, Santa or angle, or ones which has the saying, "Merry Christmas" on it that she can wear with a holiday sweater or to a Christmas party. Or, select a Santa pin for her to wear on her hat or her shirt lapel, which indicates her holiday sentiments. A small jewelry box makes a nice touch.

Beauty Supplies

Prepare a small box full of beauty supplies for a secret Santa gift. Choose from a selection of nail polish which contains a variety of colors, such as frosted white, a pale pink, deep dark red or black, and insert into a box. Consider adding some Christmas nail decals or nail charms with the gift, usually found at a beauty supply store. Or, fill a box with a mix of a couple of lipsticks, eye shadows and a set of make-up brushes. Consider adding a make-up case with this gift.

Hair Supplies

There are dozens of hair products you can wrap up for a secret Santa gift. These include professional hair car products, such as hair spray, shampoo, conditioner and gel, which give her all the supplies she needs to fix her hair. Or, consider giving her a travel blow dryer for her hair, along with a diffuser. Other options include a hair curling iron, a flat iron or a crimping iron, to add to her travel kit. Or, give her items for her hair, like barrettes, scrungee, hair bands or combs.


During the holiday season, there are many sets of perfume gifts, which work well as a secret Santa gift. Pick one with one bottle of perfume and some scented powder, or choose a box with several different perfumes for her to try. Perfume scents range from floral to musk and fruit to a sweet scent. You can also give her scented lotions, such as vanilla, coconut, sea breeze or mango, with matching soaps, bath salts or gels for her bath and shower.


Some additional secret Santa gifts include a best seller book for her to read, a Christmas music CD to listen to or the latest movie out on DVD. Another option are candles, which can be tapered and boxed with a Christmas candle holder, a multi-colored candle for her desk, a sand candle for her home, or scented gel candles for her bath. Consider giving a set of Christmas wine glasses or wine supplies, like a cork screw and wine bottle holder.