American Idol season 9 is coming to a FOX channel near you. And like in years past, thousands of people across America are finding themselves conpeting for a top position as a contestant on the show. American Idol has become so popular that people spend their evenings around this popular show when it is on the air. So it won't be a surprise that American Idol contestants are fierce with their positions. That's why this secret to get a private audition is surprisingly so well known. Here's how!

Things You Will Need

Fan of American Idol

Want to be Contestant of American Idol

Step 1

Start by practicing up on your American Idol singing. It doesn't take a lot to be thrown off this show so you need to be top notch to get a position! Once you feel you are ready, you need to buy a ticket to Orlando Florida.

Step 2

In Orlando, head directly to the Disney World Resort. In particular you are wanting to participate in the American Idol Experience. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to spend the day performing in front of people who judge your fate in getting a private audition in front of an American Idol producer.

Step 3

Getting to the Disney World Resort early, you need to get to the American Idol Experience attraction and sign up for one of the several times available to sing. This allows you to get ready for the simular experence of American Idol in Hollywood.

Step 4

Once you are called up, you need to perform like your life is depending on it. Giving it your all, you need to beat all your competition to make the final round. The audience gets the final say and your decision is left to happy Disney World Guests.

Step 5

Hopefully you have won the competition, but don't get ready for the Hollywood Producer audition yet, you will need to compete again against all the winners of the day. In this American Idol experience, voice, song choice and luck are important to get the final spot!

Step 6

After you (hopefully) win the final competition of the day, you will be getting your yellow slip to get the private audition at American Idol to see if you can make the cut for a national audience and be on television. American Idol is a reality show that combines popularity with good singing. Be prepared and get to Orlando for your chance at American Idol Season 9! American Idol is the opportunity of a lifetime. Don't blow your chances by not trying and getting on this popular program! You deserve the chance so go for it!

Tips & Warnings