Here is a guarantee...fool proof, works every time...


Check out this 100% guarantee, sure-fire, never-fail, secret to getting a consistent result every time!

I have tested this approach over years and it has never failed me yet. This secret is particularly powerful for anyone that has desires to prosper, to get wealthy, find a mate, or accomplish anything of importance in life.

This approach will deliver a consistent result regardless of your age or your nationality. It doesn't matter what type of clothes you wear, or what job you have, or what breakfast cereal you eat.

In fact it doesn't require that you do anything at all...

And there you go, that is the secret... if you take no action in life you can expect to GET NOTHING back every time! It never fails! Guaranteed!

I started investigating Internet marketing in 2002. Along the way I have read 100s of blogs, books, newsletters and tweets...and curiously my Internet business never grew.

This year I am taking a new approach...prolific action! I spent too much time in the past trying to figure out what perfect actions to take. Where to begin? There is only one place to start from, right where you are, now, in this instant. Begin now.

I recommend a great book I just finshed reading by Seth Godin entitled "Poke the Box". He wrote an entire manifesto on "getting started", and "initiating". The idea is that you start doing something and then make adjustments as you go along. It follows the idea: "Ready! Set! Fire, Aim, Aim, Aim".

Use the feedback you receive from others or the market place to make the necessary adjustments to get closer and closer to the mark. Seth talks about how we are so used to being pressed to not make mistakes, that we suffer from "analysis paralysis". I definitely have fallen prey to this.


How about you? What actions have you not been taking for years? Are you happy with the result? Share what prolific actions you are taking right now?