Discover the magic of finding the right career

Finding the right career is the secret to a fulfilling life.  Where do you spend most of your time?  Most likely you spend your time at work.  It is no wonder then that finding the right career will have a large impact on how happy or miserable you are.  

Most career search info will point you to careers that make a lot of money.  That is where every thing seems to begin in a typical career search.  As if money itself equals satisfaction.  Money and material things do pacify.  They pacify certain appetites for convenience, ease and even laziness.  The quest for riches alone is a wild goose chase.  Even if you "catch the goose" you won't find lasting happiness.  

There are 1000s of examples of people that have "caught the golden goose" and remain miserable.  This is an important point to consider toward finding the right career for you.  If you begin your career search on the wrong foundation, you will surely waste a lot of time.  

As human beings were were designed to create.  It is through your ability to create value that true satisfaction is found.  If you don't believe this, observe a child.  I have four daughters, and they are always drawing pictures.  The pictures themselves aren't master pieces.  They get so much joy from drawing and then sharing their creations.  If we could preserve this same attribute as adults, finding the right career would be very easy.  

Obviously our ability to create value increases as we develop new skills.  In the beginning all of us drew pictures.  It is easy to do, and it is a natural means for self expression.  Self expression itself is a form of creation.  To begin your career search, go back to your roots.  What do you love to create?

You might have to think back to your childhood.  Or take a look at your hobbies.  What do you do in your spare time?  Before you over complicate things, consider that the simple acts of creation might be the most profound.  I like to create smiles.  If I can help someone smile or feel some sense of satisfaction or happiness, I feel successful.  It brings me the most joy to create those simple things.  So start very simple. What simple things do you create that bring you joy?  Here are some possible examples: music, laughter, art, beauty, order, food, fun, inspiration, motivation.  

My oldest daughter Kyra, loves to create music.  She has played the piano for years.  She can sight read music, but that is not what she typically plays.  She likes to play her own creations.  She sits at the piano and starts playing.  The most passion and feeling is found in the music she creates herself.  I doubt any of her creations will go on to complete with timeless classics like Mozart, but she creates joy by sharing what she loves.  

My wife Tracy loves order.  She is a master at organization.  She creates order from chaos.  It is amazing to watch.  You should see how she can organize and pack our van for long trips.  Recently we purchased a shed so that we could clear out the 3rd car garage.  This became necessary so that Kyra (our oldest daughter) could park the car she drives in the garage.  It was fun to watch Tracy as she whipped things into order.  She had me building shelves and packing boxes, hauling trash and sweeping floors.  She took so much satisfaction in organizing that shed.  I could not believe how much stuff she was able to fit on the shelves.  She has a gift for organizing and she truly has fun doing it. 

How about you?  What do you love to do?  What can you do tirelessly?  What "charges" your batteries?  As you identify these simple, but profound things in your life, you are well on your way to finding the right career.  

Now it is possible to love doing certain things, but still not be very good at it.  In that case it is a matter of developing your skills in those areas.  On the other hand it is possible to be very good at something, and still hate doing it.  This is a mistake that many people fall into.  They make the wrong assumption that just because they are good at something that they have found the right career.  Consider for a moment that your most profound contributions might come from skills you have not developed yet.  No problem!  Identifying these is the first step.  Once you have identified the "creations" that bring you joy, evaluate what skills you will get to develop.  

When you are creating value by doing what you love you are well on your way to finding the right career.