The Ultimate Guide For Six Packs

Let's see your abs!

Everyone has a six-pack, and yes even you do. Although you may not see them, you do have them. Your beautiful six-pack is either covered in layers of fat or they are just not developed.
The way to get them showing isn’t as hard as you think it is.

Yet people would do nearly anything to find out the secret of those with the hard 6 pack. If sit ups and crunches were the secrets, than no one would be wondering how we could get those nice and defined six packs. 

Strong looking stomachs don’t just give you attention from the opposite gender; they also take off the load from your spine. By having a strong core, you’ll have your abs and muscles around your stomach helping you in balancing and stabilizing your body.

You should work your core if you want to have strong and nice looking abs. Forget crunches, they won’t give you the results you’re looking for. I’ll bust the myth below and spread out the truth!

False Information:

Getting the perfect set of abs doesn’t need any special equipment. You need yourself, your body weight and your commitment.

Forget about the advertisements you find on TV for the special equipment that you can buy for 3 easy payments of 95$, you don’t need any of that.

There are many common practices that are completely wrong when people are trying to get the 6 pack. Regardless of what you heard, one of the biggest mistakes you can do is working with crunches or sit ups.

If you want to get the perfect six pack developed, the last thing you want to do is isolate your abdominal muscles (abs). You need to burn off as much as you can around your stomach and isolation exercises will only get you so far.Overweight crunchesCredit:

Doing crunches is one thing but expecting your fat to be burned from this exercise is another. Many marketing geniuses will make millions fall for the special abs equipment that barely gives you the results that you’re after.

The last thing you need is to spend another dollar on something that does very little to nothing for you.

In fact, you don’t need to spend a single cent to get the 6 pack of your dreams. Abs need a bit of planning and work to get. It certainly won’t happen overnight but it doesn’t take much time if you’re committed.

Think about hours or even days of showing off your chiseled abs from small 15 to 30 minute workouts that’s done only a few times week.

Burn the Fat, Build the Abs:

Small isolation exercises like sit ups and crunches are very low intensity workouts. If they worked, than wouldn’t people who walk several times a day would all be ripped with 6 packs?

Long duration and steady workouts are not the answer; you need to take the intensity to the next level. Consider sprinters and marathon runners, this is one of the best examples anyone can use.Sprinter MarathonCredit:

A sprinter will have short bouts of fast running in a short distance and a marathon runner will run for hours with very little or no rest.

Take a look at both physiques and you’ll notice a huge difference. A sprinter will look ripped and shredded to the muscle, while marathon runner has a few layers of fat that covers the abs.
Consider getting as much movement in your workouts for the best fat burning results.

Your intensity during the workouts will be the result of your metabolism speed. The higher the intensity, the better your metabolic rate will be.

Your metabolic rate determines how many calories you’ll burn throughout the day even after exercise. By doing high intensity, you’ll be able to burn more calories even after the workout.

This will also increase muscle mass as high intensity requires more muscle activation than low intensity. Ever done a fast walk? Your calves will feel like it’s on fire and you’ll experience a burn.

Increase the intensity of your workout so that you can burn more calories throughout your day and increase your muscle mass so your metabolic rate stays high. You will get a lower body fat percentage while increasing the muscle mass of your stomach.


Abs is just like any other muscle; they need to be trained to be developed. Though, they won’t be visible to the naked away if the fat percentage is high. You only need 15-30 minutes of high intensity for the best fat burning and abs building results.

That’s all it takes, and they should be done only 2 to 4 times a week. Many studies have suggested the effectiveness of increasing the intensity of the workouts for better results. It will result in more muscle mass and fat burning.

Is it worth the work?

It may be intimating when you are out of breath, pushing further and faster than ever before. Though when you start seeing results you will wonder why you haven’t been using this long time ago.focusCredit:

You will see a difference in your body in the very first 30 days if it’s done right.
Imagine how easy it would be if you stayed committed. The number one reason people don’t succeed is from giving up. There’s no magic pill that could give you the body you want over night, or even over a week.

Even if there was, don’t you want to get the best out of your body and health for the rest of your life? Regardless of how long you plan to live for, your quality of your health depends on what you do now and what you’ve done in the past.

Get the best out of your workouts now. Just by doing 15 minutes of exercise for 2 times a week, you can take away years of pain from all of these health problems that are commonly found across the world. Avoid the hours and days you need at the doctor’s office from small problems that are caused by weak muscles. 

The exercises for the hardcore abs!

Weight training:

Like I’ve mentioned in my earlier article about the big secrets for fat loss and muscle gains, some of the best exercises are not commonly done because of its difficulty. You were born to do compound exercises, not small isolation exercises that’s done on the machines.

When you pick up a laundry basket, do you expect it to go into one direction without the need to stabilize and balance it? Machines do offer many benefits, but a great core and abs is not one of them.

Functionality at its finest:


If you have the ability to pick up an item off the ground, than you can do the same with weights. Imagine picking up a laundry basket heavier than usual and you pulled a muscle because you weren’t strong enough or you were just not ready to do so. Could working out on a machine give you more strength for you and your back?

The chances are very slim to none. Assuming that it’s safe for you to pick up weighted items, you need to start weight training. You can’t expect to burn fat with machines as much as you can with weights. Machines are great for isolating muscles but if you would like to increase your muscle mass and fat loss, than you should weight train.

Lifting weights takes more effort than a machine. You will need to stabilize and balance the weight while training your muscles. The bigger the exercise, the more of a fat burning effect it has. You can continue doing bicep curls or exercises for your small muscles, but you should do compound exercises for the best result.

The Big Exercises:

Compound exercises like squats or dead lifts engage your core more than anything else. It also increases your overall muscle mass while increasing your metabolic rate. You may have seen world records being broken with these two exercises, but don’t panic, you don’t need to lift that much weight! You are not trying to break a record nor are you trying to skip steps. Don’t expect to be superman in your very first workout.SquatsCredit:

So the feeling you have of feeling silly with doing exercises that everyone else seems to have an easier time doing, is nothing but a feeling. Don’t skip out on exercises that seem impossible to do.
You were born to squat, and you may have just forgotten how to do them. If you want the 6 pack and a great core (prevents back problems!) than start squatting. As a baby, you’ve squatted, when there’s no bathroom, you squat.

You know how to squat you just don’t know it! This exercise works the biggest muscle your body has, and the bigger the muscle, the more of a greater effect it has on your results.

Warm up before you start squatting as it is important to get the blood flowing to prevent any wear and tear on your joints and to avoid pulled muscles. Do the warm up for 5 to 7 minutes on an empty (or near empty) stomach.

And do body weight squats as many times as you need to make sure you are not doing anything wrong in the way you are doing it. Since everyone is different in height and body, you may need to do adjust to feel more comfortable. You can combine squats with your usual walk or running.

Program For Six Packs Without a Gym Or Equipment:

Warm up with cardio to get your body moving. The blood should be flowing and the heart rate should be rising steadily. Continue to warm up for 3 to 10 minutes. Now you’re ready to work out.

  1. Body weight squats for 20 repetitions
  2. Run for 3 minutes as fast as you can
  3. Back to squats for 12 repetitions
  4. Walk 30 seconds for your active walking
  5. Squats for 12 repetitions (with a weighted item like holding a water bottle or a chair over your head or in front of you)
  6. Run for 1 minute for as fast as you can
  7. Squat for 12 repetitions without weighted items
  8. Cool down with 2 minute of running or walking.

yeaImagine that, you did a workout for your abs and yet you didn’t do a single crunch or sit up. To top it off, you did it without needing to enter a gym facility!

That workout wouldn’t take you any more than 15 minutes though you would get a greater fat burning and muscle-building effect more than your usual low intensity workout!

You can replace or combine the squats with any other exercises like push ups or dead lifts or any other functional exercise. You can also do this in the gym with barbels and dumbbells.


Core Training

The above workout provides enough training for your core to be at its best. If you really want to target your core, you should challenge your balance and stabilization even further.

You can do squats on one leg or on an unbalanced platform. This activates your core further since you challenge your ability to balance.high intesnityCredit:

Be creative about your exercises. Many injuries and falls happen from loss of balance. You can cut your risk greatly if you improve your coordination.

Challenge yourself with workouts that need you to balance yourself. This is more functional and you will engage this ability on a regular basis especially if you play sports.


 Examples of great functional core exercises:



This is a great exercise where you squat down with your arms pressing over your head. You can hold anything that has weight to it. Anything from dumbbells to chairs would work or even water bottles. Squat with overhead press:


Dead lifts with laundry basket:


This exercise can be done with any weighted item. Again do make sure you don't make any errors so you don't increase the risks for injuries. 




Be creative and find items that you usually pick up everyday. Add weight to it and make a workout out of it. Let your creativity spark as you probably have a lot of things that you use your muscles and core for. 

Warm up 3 to 10 minutes before starting any exercises. 


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Guide For Beginners

Or Just Lazy People!

Whether you are a beginner or just don’t work that hard for your abs, you can still do a bit of a workout effectively get the results you’re looking for. 

Hopefully you have some items around you that you can use for weights. You can even do this while you’re watching TV! Please do note that you need to give a little focus to your exercises so you don’t injure yourself. 

Start jogging on the spot; move around as much as possible for 3-6 minutes. You can do whatever you want to warm up. You can even do a little hokey-pokey. The point is to just get your heart pumping and your blood flowing.

But do remember to avoid doing this on a full stomach. It’s difficult to work your muscles on a stomach with food since the blood is focused on digesting the food.

After you’re done with your warm up, squat! Start squatting; you can do this by sitting on your couch than standing right back up.

For an even better challenge, don’t sit all the way down, just tap the couch with your behind and stand right back up. Don’t lock your knees and keep your eyes up while your knees should be pointing outwards. 

Do about 20 of these so you can practice how to do them without errors. 

Then get back to moving around as much and as fast as possible. Run on the spot for 1 minute.

Get back to squatting for 12 times with or without the couch. If it is too easy, than add some weight by holding a water bottle or a back pack in front of you. 

Take a short break for 30 seconds than squat again for 10 to 12 times.

Cool down and run on the spot for 1 to 3 minutes.


This must have been the shortest yet toughest workout you’ve done in a while if you are a beginner.

This is more challenging and activates more of your balance and muscles than just jogging for half an hour and it takes less time. Imagine doing this only 2 to 4 times a week. 
You would see a difference at the end of 30 days. 

Continue to challenge yourself with these kinds of workouts but do expect yourself to adapt as your body is very sophisticated. It can adapt very well and your workout is always the same, than your body will never change and improve. 

Build Your Core, Get The Six Pack:

What I’ve just explained in this article was a very straightforward guide to getting your 6 pack built. Don’t expect your fat to be burned off while building your muscles around your stomach with isolated exercises like sit ups or crunches. These are very simple and yet don’t engage your abdominal as much as core exercises would. workoutCredit:

The core is one of the most crucial components of the human body. Without it, balance and stability would be very hard to keep up.

To cut your risk of falling or injuries, engage your core in your exercises and avoid machines for the best results.

This doesn’t mean the machines you find in the gym are useless, but they don’t build your 6 pack as much as free weight training would.

Combine machines with your weight training if you want the best of both worlds. 

Intensify your casual workouts with as much intensity as you can put into them. Don’t expect to be a hero by jumping steps. Build up your workouts so that you can activate as much muscle as possible. High intensity workouts will fire up your metabolism for days after the workout. yea

Can it get any better than that? Yes, because your muscle mass would also increase in resul from the high intensity workouts.

The increase will keep burning calories even while at rest. So the more muscle mass you have, the more you’ll burn even while you’re watching TV!

For the best results, burn the fat so you’re 6 pack can start gaining the attention you deserve. The abs is a muscle so you need to burn the fat that’s keeping it hidden.

Isolated should be the last of your worries, get moving as much and as fast as possible. This will keep your body burning off the fat and calories for as long as possible!

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