internet marketing success is determined by several factors. But among the most important is finding a good niche. A good niche equals a hard packed fortune online. But this needs those unique. Seemingly hidden to the ordinary mind, super imaginative niches. Not the run off the mill copy cat niches. While looking for that really worthwhile idea, this article will reveal some hitherto secret techniques common among the gurus.

The first step is to choose a particular topic that you generally like and have experience in. this should be the one in which you are interested in. Secondly, derive a keyword from the chosen topic and which can wholesomely stand for the topic. Then plug the keyword into every keywords research tool. The final step is to watch keenly the search count so as to determine suitability of your key word. A total of about 1,000 search counts daily performed on the keyword indicate a good niche.

These three simple steps help greatly in identifying a potentially profitable and business worthy niche for an internet marketing business. But they are not above the board and do not go the extra mile that a good niche comes from. For starters, the technique omits research into the existing competition. To get a good niche, you must take a step to evaluate how versatile or strong the competition against your selected niche is.

Secondly, the technique doesn't incorporate research into possible long-tail key words. Essentially, long-tail key words are phrases constituting at least 4 or preferentially more separate words. They are very crucial such that every internet marketing individual appreciates the role of long-tail key words, because they lead to lucrative sub-niches. The third thing missing from the above three step technique is research to the potential of searchers buying your products. This is not a question to whether searchers have buying money or not, but rather whether they have intention to buy.

So to make the technique a comprehensive blueprint used by gurus to find their prize winning niches and key words, there are three more steps to go. The first to do is examining your own personal interests, experience, abilities and knowledge. The internet marketing niche developed from these areas is potentially a good niche that will beat the competition whether or not the market is succulent. The second step is involves the identification of market state. Find out what is hot in the contemporary market, what is presently the most talked or written about thing, what is really buzzing the market now, what is new in town? That is a potentially high returns niche. Devour it. Estimate potential competition in a niche by simply typing in all your keywords into search engine.

Finally, choose the most optimal niche by combining the results of the above two steps. Then run it through the following filters, and whatever scores a yes, is a guru kind of niche firing to hit the internet marketing realm.

Presence of potential customers not just information seekers.

Absence of innate problems in the niche that cannot eventually be solved, i.e., technical

Presence of an urgent internet marketing dimension need that can be solved by the niche.

Potential of the niche remaining marketable will it be a one time success.
Once a potentially profitable niche has been identified, look for several long-tail keywords which will reveal more sub-niches you can profit further from.