Home Pet Grooming Tips

Pet grooming should be done by an expert who has gone to a school to learn this art. If you're a DIY type person there are some basic safety and security tips you should take into account. The pet you're grooming is special to you so you should keep your pet relaxed during the pet grooming experience. Any excessive pain or injury due to hazardous practices and procedures could cause your pet to feel stressed. Those tips listed below will guarantee a safe, secure and enjoyable pet grooming experience.

Almost all pets don't like this, however the unwanted hair that forms in the ears should be trimmed. Unwanted hair could develop moisture that may trap germs and result in ear infections or be a host for ear termites. These kinds of health conditions could cause your pet a lot of pain and stress. Microbial infections cause the pets to shake and scratch their head. Mites could really cause the pet to harm their inner canal since they stick their nails and claws inside trying to scratch. Big eared dogs usually have a liability for ear issues and the shaking of their ears back and forth could rupture blood vessels. Skilled pet groomers use specific tools to remove ear hair, however the beginner might use nose hair clippers to get the same effect. The sound of the clippers might scare your pet, so touch him with your other hand and offer relaxing words to calm them.

One more beginner mistake is to shave the pet completely. Pet grooming professionals can do this at the request of the pet owner, however it's not advised if the pet is an outdoors animal. The coat helps to protect the pet from the cold as well as the sun. Those two elements could cause severe skin damage to the pet which may result in costly vet's bills. The absence of hair on the body could cause skin rashes. The hair follicles in certain breeds secrete important oils that lubricate and protect the skin, while some types like Labradors have a couple of coats that offer different functions for the pets safety. Also shaving mat patches might leave your pet at risk of the wind and sun.

If you are using a clipper, you should brush the hair backwards against the grain and after that move your clippers with the grain. Animal grooming professionals might use several clipper combs which could be used according to the thickness and length of the coat. The beginner pet groomers might use home hair clipper kits, however they should try them first in a single undetectable area before they continue the job. When shaving the underbelly, you should take care of the nipples.

Even on a male pet this could be an unpleasant experience if they're cut or cut off. House pet grooming could be an affordable method to keep your pet happy and healthy, however it might cause your pet to get injured. So take care if you decide to do it yourself or seek the advice of experts which is actually a better choice.