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Building A Great Squeeze Page

You do not simply want to design a good squeeze page; you must learn to be GREAT at it! The squeeze page is definitely one of the most important parts of an online marketing campaign.
A squeeze page is a landing page that allows a potential customer to receive a free product from you, usually an e-book, in return for their emails. You can then send future offers to this customer over and over again for similar items or materials.

This article will go over:
• What is a squeeze page? How are they different from an ordinary website page?
• Key elements of a GREAT page.
• Getting more conversions from your page.
• Basic SEO tips for your page.
• Building a mobile-optimized page.
• Building a page using WordPress.
• Common mistakes to avoid.

What Is A Squeeze Page And Why Do I Need One?

A squeeze page is a landing page created to solicit opt-in email addresses from prospective subscribers. It is designed simply, with a sign up form that asks for their name, email address, and possibly other information. It’s a lead generation tool that draws visitors into your sales funnel. In the field of direct marketing, the subscriber list is considered the most important part of a mailing campaign.

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Give A Free Offer

Many squeeze pages use free offers to capture visitor information. Most people will not give out their name and email address, even if your offer is an awesome value for them. Consumers are very wary of getting spammed nowadays. Your free offer gives the visitor an incentive or ‘bribe’. Your free offer could be an informative e-book, free trials for paid memberships and software programs, access to webinars, video tutorials, or discounts for products.

Your free offer has another purpose. It starts a relationship between you and the potential customer. The quality of your gift will show your taste, and it will give value to your future offers. They will start to trust you as they receive your first email. After that, it’s up to you to build the relationship.

The Benefit Of A Squeeze Page

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Establishing a “relationship” with a prospect is a much smarter approach than trying to sell straight away. First-time visitors are not hitting your website ready to buy. You are instead offering them information or more for free. The only thing required is their email. Through the relationship you build with the prospect, you can start to make sales pertaining to that niche.
Squeeze pages offer high conversion rates because of precise targeting. A website with many offers or links give your visitors many choices, you will be offering only one.

If your ad has targeted the visitor well, it will convert. A squeeze page can also give you great insight into your stats or metrics. You will be able to tell how well your offer is by checking the “bounce rate”. Bounce rate is the percentage of single-page visits (i.e. Visits in which the person left your site without interacting with the page).

Keep in mind that your pages are not for making sales. They are meant to bring leads into your sales funnel to build relationships with.

Elements To Your First Squeeze Page

When you start making your first squeeze page, you will figure out that there is great room for flexibility and creativity. You can start to figure out what works and what doesn't work, then refine and try again.

Start by thinking of what you want your visitors to do on your page. When you figure this out, you will want to devote everything on the page to accomplish that action. You want to make the offer so compelling that they hardly need to decide anything. You want them to simply submit their email to you, that's it!

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Do What You Have Promised

If you have done everything right up to this point, your squeeze page will have made a promise to your prospective customer. You have either told them that they will receive something free or for a discounted fee. Example, you have directed Mary to click your page link to get 25% off of a computer. She clicks and is directed to your affiliate page. She should not then be directed to Joe Bob's Computer Repair. You need to do what you promise, every time!

You shouldn't be trying to make a bunch of pages linking to your personal website. You can do that, but you will need to make it clear that they will end up there for some special offer. If you do not, they will simply click away from your site immediately.

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Grab Their Attention Quickly

Think of the way you look at an advertisement. In most instances you are going to casually look at an ad and click on to something else unless it interests you. Knowing what you do gives us insight on what your potential buyer will do. Visitors will look at your squeeze page for about 3 seconds before clicking away. This will happen unless you grab their attention quickly. You can accomplish this by using "compelling copy".

Let's go over using compelling copy on our page. First, you will have an attention grabbing headline. This headline will ask something like: "Wouldn't you finally like to....?" or "Aren't you sick and tired of....?" a particular problem. You want them to think, "Yes, that's me!"

Next, you need to understand sub-headers. Sub-headers are clearly telling your visitor exactly what each section is about. Your potential buyer will often skim through your information, not read through it. You are trying to funnel the visitor down the page to your sign-up form.

Finally, your copy needs to be direct, simple, and easy to understand. You should be writing it like an e-mail to a friend. Using the word 'you' frequently will also help to personalize it to the reader. You need to concentrate on how your free gift is going to solve their problem. You don't need to focus so much on the features of the gift. Using bullet points will help to bring out the benefits in a very clear and concise way. Your selling points should include words like: free, secrets, quick, results, and guarantee.

Remember that your squeeze page doesn't need to be long. You can compact all of the information here in one page. Look at some free offers that are very short that you have shown interest in to get ideas.

One of the best things you can do is to use some humor on your page. Humor makes reading very enjoyable to your visitor and you will find more success with it.

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Call To Action

Above we talked about using headlines, sub-headers, and copy to funnel your visitor down your page to fill out their information. This is where you will apply your "call to action". This will tell the visitor exactly what they need to do to get whatever you are giving away.

When they get to the call to action you will tell them to "click here to receive your free download". If you have large enough squeeze page, you will want to place a call to action at the top, middle, and bottom. This will ensure they have an option whenever they decide.

Your opt-in must only ask for their e-mail address and possibly their name. If you try to get more information it can cause many potential buyers to click away from your offer. Less information equals more conversions.

You may also want to use a tactic called "scarcity". This is where you will inform the visitor that this offer is in limited supply or only for a limited time. This increases the value of your offer and causes them to act quickly.

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Thank Them For Downloading Your Offer

There is nothing better than receiving a big Thank You for downloading something for free! Imagine the impression you will leave for thanking your visitor for simply giving their name and e-mail. Anytime in the future that you send them an offer they will be more likely to at least consider it. You can also use the Thank You page to ask them to "like" your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or refer a friend.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you in your efforts to make an awesome squeeze page!