This article is guided towards people who know what Webanswers is and want to learn some techniques on how to earn more money with the site , if you don't know what Webanswers is please check out the site.

Webanswers is a tough site to make money on. Many users earn less then 100 dollars on Webanswers and only a  few stay long enough to make over 100 dollars.. Using these tips below it is my hope that you will be able to successfully earn money on Webanswers.

Quality answers

When writing answers on Webanswers, be sure write very thought out answers. This is important. When working on the site, your goal is to get awarded answers, awarded answers are awards you get on answers you post. If the asker of the question liked your answer the best, he/she will award you the answer meaning you earn 60% of the revenue from that question for life. This is very important because you can earn a ton of money from each awarded answer. 10 years from now if someone clicks on an ad from your awarded answers, you might earn money. This is a very cool feature of Webanswers, allowing users to earn passive income. When writing answers on the site, your goal is to get these awards and in order to do that, you have to provide an amazing answer that will make the other answers look like nothing. This is vital to getting awarded answer.


Awarded Answers Tricks

There are some cool tricks to getting awarded answers. I do them all the time with great results. If you are looking to get more awarded answers then listen up.

One of the best ways to get an awarded answer is to answer the questions first. This is why every time I am online I check for new questions every 10 minutes. If you can be the first to answer a question and you answer it with a long detailed response most people wont even bother to answer and you have a better chance of getting the awarded answer. Just because you answer first doesn;t mean you will get the awarded answer. You have to give a long detailed response. A 100 minimum word response is good for most questions asked.

Another good trick is to tell the person asking the question what they want to hear. People in general don't like being told they are wrong so when answering a question tell them there right even if they are wrong or tell them whatever they want to here. Some people reading this article will be against that and will say that that is immoral or something along those lines. It may be to some but if you want a higher chance of getting an awarded answer then this is a good technique. There are some people on Webanswers who are brutally honest and sometimes come across as rude.When trying to get an awarded answer, you goal is not to piss of the person asking the question. If you are going to say something that they probably don't want to hear, say it in a nice way. Think of it like customer service. For instance who wants to buy a car from someone who is being mean or coming across as rude. Webanswers is the same thing. If you are mean to people they will be angry and definitely not award you the answer.


Unawarded Answers Information

Most of your revenue from Webanswers will come from unawarded answers, meaning that the questions you answer that never get awarded, help your earnings, this is why it is advisable to answer older questions, because even though they might not be awarded, they still help your revenue. Many people ignore old questions and questions asked by new members, but my philosophy is to answer every and all questions that I see and have the ability to answer. No matter how old or how many answers, if I can answer it, I will.





There are many methods to earning money and getting awarded answers on Webanswers. Some of the methods I have stated in this article you may agree with and some you may not. Please share you opinions of this article in the comments section below.