Secrets of How To Effectively Track It With

Clueless about how your business can be helped by can be your easiest way to shorten your URLs so you will not have to worry about posting your tweets anymore.

Shortening web URLs is important when sending out tweets on Twitter as well as adding links in content you place on your site or your Facebook page.  There are several companies that offer URL shortening but we will focus on a popular one here-

Using is probably one of the easiest ways to shorten URLs that you would like to include in any post or article; especially if it is one that limits the number of characters per post.  This is extremely popular in Twitter, as the aforementioned networking site only allows for at most 140 characters per tweet.  Facebook, on the other hand, lets you post a little longer with up to 420 characters per post. 

Using short URLs like the ones created by can make your posts and content look better and flow better.  In addition it allows you to track who is following the link which is incredibly helpful when analyzing your communications. 

Although the primary feature of is to shorten the URL of your link, it does a lot more to help you improve traffic to your site.  As mentioned earlier you can track the number of people that click on the link.  This information can allow you to better understand who is visiting your website and why- if it’s a link to your site for example.  This insight into the mind of your Twitter followers is critical to formulating better content and offerings.

If you are wondering how you could benefit from, think of it this way: if you know the number of people who visit your site and the number of people who actually make transactions with you; chances are, you would also know what to improve on your web pages as well as how to improve your conversion rate. lets you analyze your links so you would know where your visits are coming from and which customers have made a purchase or responded to any of your posts.

What’s more, may show you whether your posts on Twitter or your posts on your own blog are more effective with your target audience. With this, you would know your weakest points and therefore you can figure out a way on how to improve them. can also provide you with the statistics of how many visitors stayed on your link longer without leaving right away.

This service lets you manage your links easier and faster, as it accomplishes things for you all at the same time.  It shortens your URLs and keeps a tab on the activities going on with it.  People who click on your link will be counted and you could see from which posts they are coming.

In Summary, is much more than a way to shorten a URL.  It has an effect on the look and flow of your content and allows for some powerful analysis due to its tracking.  Leveraging can be a huge help in understanding your business and… Oh yeah, its free!