This delightful and surprising book joins wisdom from both Eastern and Western practices for living better longer. Dr. Maoshing Ni authors Secrets of Longevity: Hundreds Of Ways To Live To Be 100 in an inviting and entirely clear format. Each page is titled so you can easily skip around or scan the page for the prevention, wellness, healing or advice you may be looking for.  It is surprising because of the hundreds of ways described, the reader is sure to come across novel practices that truly delight.


I think the cons are only that some people may have a certain allergy or disease that prohibit a suggested way to longevity, and that can be a turn-off to the rest of the book. I say, if you come across a way that is not for you, then disregard that way, and continue enjoying the others. The con is that one must know oneself and be open-minded when reading this book. If you don’t know yourself, and aren’t wanting to live a long, healthy life, then the book isn’t for you.

Full Review

The book begins with an introduction about the author’s childhood. He had an accident when he was only 6 years old that left him traumatized from being in and out of a coma. His wonderful parents helped him on the healing path (his father was a Chinese medicine Dr., and master of Taoist arts). Thus he became a Dr. and is trying to spread the traditions he has learned by marrying East and West medicine in this book.

The six chapters of the book are:

  1. What You Eat
  2. How You Heal
  3. Where You Are
  4. What You Do
  5. Who You Are
  6. Bringing It All Together.

Each has a subtitle further explaining what you will find in the chapter. It is clearly laid out as a map for staying healthy on all levels. There are ten pages of resources which gives one quite a bang for the buck. A bibliography and index is also included at the end of the book. This all makes it valuable to refer to something you might read, and not quite be able to find again.

There are surprising bits of information in each chapter. For instance, did you know that white rice is brown rice with the outer coating of rice bran hulled off? Thus making refined white rice devoid of all the good stuff (B vitamins) in the bran. Did you know that eating one or more bowls of soup/day (homemade is preferable) allows for more weight loss than eating same number of calories, but not soup?

In chapter 2 there is a page about DNA. It speaks about how nucleic acids are building blocks of DNA and RNA. Evidently our bodies need replenishment of these acids, and they are available as supplements. Of course it is best to get them in foods like sardines, salmon, wheat germ, salmon, etc.

The above samples from the book are found throughout - even Feng-shui, and the five elemental energies are interweaved skillfully.

In Closing

I highly recommend this book, even if you don’t have a desire to live to be 100. The healing wisdom transmitted is done simply and beautifully. If anything, it is a confirmation of a place to start from.