When discussing cool toys and gifts for kids, it doesn’t come much better than being able to do magic.  Enter Secrets of the Master Magician:  An Apprentice’s Manual.

Needless to say to say, magic tricks have always been popular with kids (not to mention adults).  The ability to completely amaze your friends with eye-popping illusions just never seems to go out of style.  Secrets of the Master Magician contains a lot of great tricks and illusions that will keep kids thrillingly entertained, regardless of whether they are performing or watching.

First of all, the kit comes with many of the traditional magical implements you would expect:  a magic wand, a handkerchief, a deck of cards, etc.  It also includes the Apprentice’s Manual, an actual hardcover book containing the requisite information for performing magic. (In fact, the kit itself comes in a box that is ingeniously designed to look like a magician’s handbook.)

To be more precise, the book explains in vivid and unerring detail how to perform various feats of magic.  There are rope tricks, card tricks, coin tricks – the works.  Moreover, the explanation for every trick is accompanied by full-color photographs for each individual step of the various illusions.  In short, kids are hand-walked through the learning process for each trick.

As already mentioned, there are quite a few illusions in the kit, and it will take time to master them all.  Moreover, kids are typically quite eager to show off a new trick as soon as they have learned it.  In short, this is a gift not only with extensive entertainment value, but parents can rest assured that it will be quite some time before a child starts to get bored with it – if ever.

About the only down side to this gift is the fact that, while the book gives kids the skill set necessary to be magicians, it doesn’t give them the traditional look.  There’s no top hat, no cape, no white gloves, etc.  But to be honest, those items are really for aesthetic purposes only and nothing else; they’re all sizzle and no steak.  Plain and simple, Secrets of the Master Magician is a great magic kit – whether for beginners, or those who already have a few tricks under their belt.  It will provide great entertainment for a long time to come, and a lot of bang for the buck.