You want a good deal on a laptop but you don't know where to find one. How much should you be paying for you new or replacement laptop. Are you looking for a student laptop? Should you get a cheap CHEAP laptop? Well you should read on and find out how to find a cheap laptop that is right for you.

  1. What would be a cheap price? Well for laptops, since there are so many that you can choose from, when you say cheap, different laptop types could have a different "cheap" price. For example, a high performance, 17" laptop steal of a deal could be $900 whereas a great student laptop for getting on the itnernet could be $300.

    So, if you're looking for cheap deal, here are some prices you should be looking for when it comes to a great, cheap laptop:

    -A laptop for getting on the internet, checking email, and typing up occasional documents would be a great price at $300 - $450.
    -A laptop for the internet, listening to music, typing up papers, and watching videos online would be considered cheap at $350 - $550.
    -A laptop for home use including listening to music, playing games like World of Warcraft, burning movies, and watching TV shows would be a great deal for $400 - $600.
    -A laptop for high end 3D applications rendering, hardcore gaming, and just about everything else like that would be cheap at $700 - $800.
  2. Buy Clearance. Many local and online retailers have different times of year when they need to get rid of their selection of computers and replace them with the newest and greatest computers. During those times of year, you can end up getting a extremely good (new and unopened) computer for a really cheap price. During clearance seasons (end of June/beginning of July is one of them) laptops can go on clearance for 40 to 50% off their retail price.
  3. Buy Used. Whether you're buying laptops online using Ebay or Claigslist, or going to a neighborhood yard sale, you can buy someone elses old laptop for sometimes phenomally cheap prices. If you don't mind dents, scratches, and occasional dirty picture on an unformated hard drive, buying a used laptop can save hundreds of dollars and %50 to 70 off retail.