2012 will be an interesting year for many industries, some industries are likely to grow much faster than other sectors, especially those relate to new media, new technology and also with exporting opportunities. Here are some sectors we have highlighted from our research.

Digital & Social Media Marketing Firms

As social media continues to rise, so will be the social media marketing firms.

This is not a surprise considering the amount of marketing budget being shifted towards the digital marketing campaigns. It is estimated that, for many firms, more than 50% of advertising campaigns will be allocated for digital marketing in 2012, for some firms, it is already over 70% of their marketing budget.

Various positions are likely to emerge from different types of related services and opportunities.


E-marketing companies – these firms specialize in creating e-mail campaigns, newsletters as well as e-mail delivery companies; as more applications have been developed to assist sales & marketing activities.

Social media marketing & news platforms; Facebook, for instance will be recruiting a large number of positions in 2012 when it completes its IPO, Google is also likely to add many positions for its social media division; there are also numerous emerging social media platform companies that are looking to expand in 2012.

Digital medial agencies which provide campaigns for advertisers; and e-media monitoring companies, this includes marketing research firms to monitor campaigns and competitors.

Mobile marketing: with 4G introduced, advertisers can utilize mobile phones much more effectively to deliver advertisements to the end users. This will be a hot industry to be in next few years as it is still a relatively new media channel to be explored by the advertisers.

Medical Devices Companies

The medical devices industry is anticipated to grow further in 2012. Increasing exporting demand, new technologies developed both for analysis and treatment in the medical devices industry have been major catalysts for these industries.

The biomedical industry was also able to raise substantial investment capital in 2010 & 2011, which had helped medical devices companies to undertake further R&D and commercialization.

Companies in the Medical Devices sectors: E-health, medical software companies, imaging companies, telemedicine and companies that provide solutions for aged care and disability sectors.

Shale Gas & Oil Industries

There had been positive developments in the shale gas and oil industries across North America, recent discoveries in Ohio and Pennsylvania could create many new jobs for these 2 states.

The oil industry is likely to grow further due to geopolitical reasons to cut back US’s reliance on oil imports from Middle East. The newly proposed pipeline is likely to be approved early 2012 with some amendments, and that can create new jobs opportunities both in Canada and United States.

Environmental Friendly Products

The demand for environmental friendly products has been increasing globally because of the increasing environmental conscious from consumers.

New marketing campaigns emphasizing on the green aspects is one of the fast growing trends in the sales & marketing industry. In addition, the demand for organic products is also growing, many major food companies are looking to expand their organic product range to meet the customer needs.

Furthermore, demand for organic products is also rising from emerging markets particularly Asia and Latin America. As the result, we also expect exporting activities to increase in 2012.

Robotics Industries

2011 was a breakthrough year for many innovations relating to robotics, with majority of inventions made by American or Japanese firms. For example, Japanese hospitals had started ordering new robotic nurses as well as for the aged care homes to provide the much needed assistance for its ageing population.

There have new announcements relating to new robotics industries relating to consumer products or industrial products; governments worldwide have also placed major orders most relating to military spending.

This is an industry that has been growing at significant rate, particularly in the United States as the defense industry aims to replace significant functions with robots. There are many companies related to this industry including chip manufacturers, security experts or those who have experience in international trades and government relations will find interesting opportunities in this high-tech & high-growth industry.

The Agriculture Industry

Demand for agricultural products continue to rise at rapid pace due to strong demand from international markets, increasing demand for biofuel such as ethanol has also added further demand for soft commodities.

This will have positive impact on other agriculture related industries such as equipment supplier, fertilizers, chemicals industries.

We had a look of companies in these sectors – many of them are hiring new opportunities because of these rising demands; there are also positions available for international sales & marketing positions for those interested in global opportunities.

Electrical Vehicle Industry

Many people are hoping for a good and consistent recovery for Michigan and other states with significant automotives industries. This recovery could happen from the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

Electrical vehicles are not just relate to passenger cars, in fact, the first needs would be coming from commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses; these types of vehicles are already being mandated by the Government that they must be hybrid or electrical vehicles.

These policy changes could bring major productions for new vehicles or automotives accessories as existing fleets must be converted or replace.

Components such as new types of car batteries, charging facilities and other related accessories could also see increasing employment opportunities.

Telecommunications Industries

The introduction of 4G services has been a crucial factor for the growth in the telecommunications industry as consumers and businesses are upgrading their systems to adopt the new demands.

Apart from the wireless service providers and retail companies, you can also seek opportunities with the phone manufacturers, phone components (companies like Texas Instruments or others that make memory cards or chips); and applications developers.

Applications developers are in very good demand now worldwide; these companies develop specific applications for smart-phones.

Due to their high profit nature, many companies are hiring more professionals either to develop more applications or to expand their sales & marketing activities.

2012 will earmark as a year of new opportunities as many new technologies were commercialized in 2010 & 2011, this is particularly the case for the cleantech and telecommunications related industries.


Policy changes and geopolitical events can also create other opportunities that were not considered in 2010 and 2011. We will cover other industries in our future articles.