If you have ever had the misfortune of having a virus on your computer then you will understand the risks involved and know the importance of learning how to secure your movies, music and precious photos on External ED Elements. The added bonus of storing them on a separate drive is that it leaves your computer free to load up with games and any other interesting programs you use all the time without slowing your computer up.

Movies, digital photos or home videos take up huge amounts of space and use a lot of ram to run on any computer so by storing them all on a separate drive you can take them to friends and have a movie night by connecting the external drive to their computer.

Warning: Never hook your hard, external or thumb drives into any other computers without scanning with an updated virus program first. It takes a couple of minutes to check, and could cost you everything saved on your drive if you do not check it. And if you bought a large 2TB one then you have lost a huge collection.

WD TV Live

If you have a WD TV live then you will not need a computer just hook the external hard drive into the WD TV live then using the small controller you can access your folders to view your movies, photos or what ever else you have on your external hard drive.

Different Brands and sized External drives

Here are some of the different types and brands of drives that you can buy:

Western-Digital-Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive- This will hold practically everything you will ever need. We have personally just bought one and it is great. Just plug this little beauty into a USB port and create suitable folders for movies, photos, documents and personal things then save to the respective folders. No more clogging up your computer again.

They have a plug and play so all you have to do is connect to the power and plug it into the USB port. These work with save green technology as it turns off with the computer. Preformatted ready to use with windows computers or can be reformatted to suit the Mac.

These can be bought as small as you want or up to 3TB or with USB 3 or USB 2.

Verbatim Acclaim 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive- These are sleek and stylish. They are available in 320 and 500 GB and compatible with all USB connections and turbo USB software.

Warranty - bonus up to extended 7 year warranty. This hard drive is suitable for use with Windows or Mac operating systems. It has a Nero BackItUp Software with acclaim.

Samsung S2 Portable External Hard Drive HX-MU010EA/G42- The portable Samsung S2 is small and lightweight which makes it easy to slip in your pocket. Powered with USB 2 and has a carry case supplied for added protection. A software safety key provided you with a password protection.

Things to consider before buying external drives

Determine the amount of ram on your computer - Insufficient ram could mean external hard drive may not run efficiently. An older computer may have different cables and not have access to USB.

Be guided by the salesperson as to what size drive your particular computer will handle. Make sure the rotation speed will be compatible. Compare prices expensive will not mean suitable. Barter with the attendant.

Checkout the opposition online for specials before going to the store- that way you will look like as though you know what you are want.

Ask for advice on the local forums which you belong too. They may help give you an idea on what to watch out for.

Know exactly what you want to use the hard drive for, and make sure you write down the specifications of your computer before doing your research before buying anything. Money is hard to get so you do not want to waste it on something unsuitable.

I hope this article will help you with the choice of a new external hard drive and also secure your movies, music and precious photos on a good External WD Element for your safe keeping.

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