Secured asset management program can also be referred to as the private placement program (PPP). It is a form of investment usually common among the rich people. As the name suggests, they are fully secured. This is for the original or the principal capital. This is done through the blocking of any funds such that, the investors come to an agreement with the bank and all the shares are only bought by them and not open for the general public.

Not all kind of funds can qualify for the program. Some of the few eligible types of funds are inclusive of the chief bank guarantees subjected by banks that are recognized worldwide, certificates issued for the deposits and the cash deposits. Exemptions are usually made for the credit only at the presentation of a stand by letter drawn by the top banks and the gold deposit certificates.

One of the most frequently questions concerning the program is the possible risks that investors will be taking. The truth is that, the investors are totally safe and so are there funds. The principal funds are very secure and cannot be lost at any one point. This is made possible through their blocking for a certain period of time which is agreed upon by the investors and the bank. So before the specified period expires, the principal investment cannot be tampered with, no withdrawals not even transferring the funds to other accounts.

The best part of this program is the fact that no fees are charged. This means that no lien, no upfront charges not even any form of mortgage on the investors’ assets. With this, the client’s assets are totally free from any kind of bonds. Secured asset management program is a legally binding contract that both the investors and management directors freely agree to and therefore very safe. A certain guaranteed percentage of the principal funds is agreed upon in case of any breaches on the contract.

This kind of buy and sell program transacts with the different types of the negotiable bank instruments. The instruments should be free from any kind of bonds. This simply means that they should not be on mortgage, lien or any other kind of encumbering as simple as that.

So are you an investor and are looking for a viable secured asset management program for you? Look no further than the private placement program. Besides being the best, it is very secure unlike other forms of investment.