Supervise and Protect your children on the Internet

Beware child predators on flickr by diybookgirl

Internet security

The internet is a brilliant place to learn almost anything at all. Type a question into Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more search engines, and pronto up comes hundreds of variations to your question. It is mind boggling when you think how the world has opened up a new opportunity for learning. It is a great learning experience for schools, universities and everyone that can afford a computer and access to the Internet.

This new world of information is wonderful although at the same time it has created many different problems. It has encouraged new threats from predators by way of, spam emails, chat rooms, instant messaging. The threat of predators to any home or family is very real. Never think it will not happen to you or your children, no one is exempt.

Ask yourself these questions:

· Are you and your children protected?

· Do you know anyone who has had predator problems?

· Has anyone in your family received spam emails?

· Is your child at risk using his computer

Broadband allows the children to surf the internet at any time without restrictions. Unaware of the real risk, they may be targeted by the dangerous predators preying on their innocence as they go to unsuitable websites. All families need to control what their children are viewing and who they speak to on the internet.

Parents need to be aware of chat rooms

Many predators or unsavory adults join the children's chat rooms posing as another teenager. Our children will have no idea who they are dealing with. Friendship is an important part of life to them. If we question these friendships, they will often retaliate or withdraw into their shells. You need to keep the communication open with your children. Talk to them as though an adult, and listen to their side, instead of talking over the top of them, because you are the adult.

Explain why they need to do the following:

· Do not agree to meet anyone they have met on the net without you being involved

· Never let them give out any personal details, like where they live.

· Ask them to use a nick name and do not under any circumstances give their real one.

· If they are approached, or don't feel comfortable with a comment made to them tell an adult at once.


Lack of Parent control

In my opinion, some parents do not have enough control of what their children do on their computers. So many children from the early ages of five have access to a family computer or one in their own room with no proper supervision. It is bad enough that they are not supervised. To have a computer in their room also leads to anti social family behavior.

They start off on the computer or doing homework, and finish up by rarely showing their face for the family meal. Often eating meals on their own in their bedrooms.

They shut themselves away from the rest of the family with no supervision or interaction with the family. Many juveniles finding themselves in trouble with the law are often loners. They live in a world of make believe, not understanding how their lives have changed.

Programs to protect your children

Internet Security Software


There are many programs available to help protect your children:

Windows Vista, has an inbuilt parent control in their operating system

Cyber Sentinel


McAfee has one with a Total Protection

Whatever program you use, make sure you are there to supervise and help your child when needed. Do not leave them to flounder on their own. A vigilant parent will help protect their child.

Parents, please keep your child safe in your home and on the internet from predators.