My Grandmother used to read her tea leaves every morning to see what type of day she was going to have. She did it just for fun and her own amusement. Even though this was always just for fun, it was surprisingly accurate some days. Reading your own tea leaves can be a fun addition to your day, but keep in mind this is just for fun.

Things You Will Need

Tea Cup

Loose tea


Step 1

Place loose tea into your tea cup. Do not use a tea bag or a tea infuser. Just loose tea in your cup.

Step 2

Pour boiling water into your tea cup over the loose tea leaves.

Step 3

Drink the tea leaving approximately 1 teaspoon of loose tea in the cup.

Step 4

Swirl the remaining tea and loose tea leaves around the tea cup. Allow the tea leaves to fall where they may.

Step 5

Start from the immediate left of the tea cup handle and continue around the cup.

Step 6

The rim represents the morning, prior to noon. The wall of the cup represents the afternoon until 6 o'clock. The bottom of the cup represents the evening.

Step 7

Look for any of the following shapes which represent good luck: star, dog, heart, anchor, leaf or leaves, flower, tree, cow, crown, egg or a bridge.

Step 8

Look for any of the following for bad luck: snake, cat, monkey, cross, rat, coffin, church steeple, knife or knives, gun, sword, weapon or bird.

Step 9

If you see any letters, they represent the initial of a person. Numbers represent either an amount or time of day. Look to see what symbol is closest to the letter or number to see if it will be a good event with the person or a bad event.

If you see bad luck in your cup, don't let it ruin your day conversely if you see good luck in your cup don't run out and spend the contents of your bank book on lottery tickets.

Tips & Warnings