For travelers who have long dreamed of an Alaskan wilderness vacation, Get Up and Go tours may be the tour company they have been looking for. Offering everything from rugged multi-sport and hiking tours to camp and cabin tours to comfortable lodge tours, Get Up and Go tours is capable of providing everything an excited adventure traveler could wish for.

Distant view of Portage Glacier from the Portage Pass trail, near Whittier, Alaska

Why Alaska?

Alaska is the perfect place to take a multi-sport or hiking adventure tour. With miles of wilderness that is still truly wild, it is one of the last places on earth (and certainly in the United States) where travelers can be alone in nature. The uncharted wilderness of Alaska contains many wild animals, too, many of which will not be seen by most people outside of zoos. For travelers who want something different and at least a little thrilling, Alaska provides the perfect adventure playground.

Alaska is also a great place to practice outdoor sports. The advantage of so much wilderness areas is that there is room for hiking, canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, ice climbing, glacier hiking and more. Travelers need not feel like they are on cramped trails with too many other people. In fact, they need not see other people at all if they so desire. With so much wilderness space, it's entirely possible to lose the crowds and enjoy some true rest and relaxation.

Why Get Up and Go Tours?

Get Up and Go tours has something for everyone. There are options for people who only want to take day hikes or who have young children. However, there are also options for hardcore adventurers who want to get as many new experiences as possible out of their Alaskan vacation. With both camping and lodge options, all levels of comfort are provided for, too.

Get Up and Go tours also provides qualified tour guides. They are not only trained in helping guests have fun, but in helping them stay safe, too. When traveling in the wilderness, far from hospitals and doctors, this can be very important. In addition, Get Up and Go tours has a high guest-to-guide ratio, which means you will receive superior service and safety measures.

Get Up and Go tours is one of many tour companies that serve Alaska and travelers should choose the one that best serves their needs. Anyone looking for an Alaska adventure vacation should look into all of the options, including Get Up and Go, to find the one that will give them the wilderness vacation of their dreams.

Photo by Alaskan Dude, via flickr. Licensed by Creative Commons.