Seeing your house by satellite online is not exactly new, but it can be interesting and even can be mildly amusing. I most recently was able to see my house by satellite with details, including the color of my home, yard toys and my car sitting in front of my house. I could even tell what time of the year it was due to the lack of foliage on the trees. I tried, but I was unable to see people, no matter if I used my address, a family member's addresses or a store address. I suspect that they have it set to not be able to see people.

Things You Will Need


internet connection

Step 1

You will need to use your computer to be able to see your house by satellite. First, you will need to get on the internet and go to your favorite search engine. I use to do this. I have not tried it with other search engines, because I was satisfied with the results I had on Bing. I have heard the Google Earth is yet another great way to see your house by satellite. I have to admit I have never actually tried to see my house by satellite using Google Earth, but from what I gather it is just as cool as seeing your house with Bing.

Step 2

Once you are on, you will need to click the word maps to be able to see your house by satellite using the internet. You will see a toolbar after you have clicked the word maps. Type in the tool bar or search bar your complete address. Include your house number, street name, city, state and zip. Do not leave anything out. Hit enter or click okay. I have found that addresses that are RR, RD or rural route are a little more difficult, it helps to know what your address was before it became a RR, RD or rural route. Perhaps if you know the address that 911 uses for your home you could enter that address. Most of the time you're 911 address is no different than the address you know, but in some cases it is completely different than the address you know and use.

Step 3

You can rotate your views of your home and/or zoom in and out of the picture. You can also click bird's eye view for a different look. I also took a walk with my mouse to the local store for a visit, just by following the streets on the map. You might want to get your kids or entire family involved for a short bit of amusement, it's not every day that you can see your house on the internet using satellite. Have fun seeing your home online by satellite.


Tips & Warnings