A minor divergence from the basic laptop, the tablet is an advancement that places more emphasis on mobility-friendly interface features. Lenovo's tablets, like many, are designed with intuitive stylus use as the primary non-keyboard means of using the computer. This is of particular use for artists and graphical designers, but can be a great convenience in general for people using their computer while being mobile.

If even the stylus sounds a bit too limiting to you, you can try a tablet with full touchscreen capability. This lets you manipulate the computer by directly touching the monitor, without any need for further tools. Unlike larger desktop computers, tablets from Lenovo and similar companies often come with this feature as standard.

One of the things that helps set Lenovo apart from many other companies is the company's willingness to push for good system specs along with smaller size. Their better tablets enjoy RAM levels better than many desktops came with only a few years ago, for example. Buying Lenovo is one way to be sure you're not getting an overly weak computer that is portable, but can't do run much.

As the smallest part of the tablet, as well as being detachable, the stylus is easy to misplace. Because of this, some are attached by cords to the machine. Others may be entirely free, to allow greater flexibility of stylus movement. Which is better? It only depends on your preferences. If you lose or damage your stylus, replacements can be found both from Lenovo and from Wacom.

Have you ever had to strain your neck to get just the right viewing angle, or been uncomfortable with the angle for typing? Lenovo has chosen to overcome this by the use of swivel-based screens with their tablets. While people who don't move around much may wonder at the use of this feature, its applications for people who never know where they'll be next are readily apparent.

As with any tablet, a **Lenovo tablet PC** is built to be taken anywhere with minimal effort. Already, newer models have been reduced to under an inch in thickness, and under three and a half pounds in weight. And they're only getting smaller! While this would ordinarily result in a weaker overall computer, Lenovo's top-end tablets are as strong as a large desktop PC in most areas.

There's little use in a small, portable computer that runs out of power quickly. Fortunately, Lenovo has realized this, and has avoided saddling otherwise good tablets with weak batteries. Top models have up to a third of a full day's worth of power in them, and that's counting time you'd spend sleeping!

To get a **tablet PC for cheap** from the Lenovo brand, all you have to do is look at the lower-end models and shop for pre-used machines. This will get you the best deal for your money, assuming you buy from a reputable dealer. If you insist on buying new, be ready to spend half a thousand to a full thousand dollars on your tablet, depending on the specs you want.