Seeking deeper fulfillment, individuals are now checking out second careers which provide ongoing wages and also the promise of greater meaning. These second acts are additionally described as encore careers. Desirable fields for these second careers are health care, green jobs, education, non-profit, government and social entrepreneurship. Those fields give you the chance to make a difference therefore creating greater meaning which frequently is more compelling than the reward of a paycheck alone.

As documented in a survey by Civic Ventures, a large number of Americans have transitioned to encore careers and the figures will continue to rise. Those individuals surveyed that are not at present in a encore career have mentioned they're serious about pursuing one. The survey furthermore reveals that 84 percent of men and women who're in encore careers voice a strong level of contentment with regards to their new profession.

The encore career choice could be very interesting for quite a few employees, in particular those in the second part of life. Nonetheless it’s never an effortless move. The factors that concern those people checking into a second career are generally sensible ones along the lines of flexibility in work hours and responsibilities, fitting in, being proficient and the loss of standing or seniority. On top of these worries is the difficulty of the difficult economic environment and the fear of abandoning a safe position or better paying job. Still people that have completed the transition report a very high level of fulfillment.

Would you enjoy discovering a line of work with greater meaning? Yet you do not know what precisely that is? To start with reflect on your previous positions to spot the good experiences. As a result of reflecting on positive past experiences it will be easy to discover ventures that'll be gratifying and interesting and supply you with a feeling of purpose. Afterwards establish your strengths, likes and dislikes and hobbies and seek to nail down your marketable talents. Finally, define your money expectations. You probably aren’t making the switch primarily for monetary purposes and it's quite possible you will have to incur a pay cut (at least in the beginning) so as to attain a more rewarding job. Yet if you can’t pay your expenses that will add a ton of stress that is certain to eclipse your new found career happiness. If your targeted niche is a lower compensating job you can also consider ways to bring down your expenditures to make it achievable to make the change.

For anyone thinking about seeking a more meaningful career, below are great tips to help you get going.

  • Examine if you have to improve your skills
  • Start reading through trade periodicals and blogs for your chosen profession
  • Study the fields you're interested in
  • Look up folks that do the job you are considering and talk to them
  • Check out websites which offer career networking and connections to schools with retraining programs in socially minded occupations
  • Go to seminars or events for the market sector you aspire to join

An encore career can be extremely rewarding, giving meaning and purpose in addition to a paycheck. Determine what you would like to do, look for a network of people and resources, build your action plan and then make it happen. You’ll be delighted you did.