As mentioned in the first article; Seeking Legal Aid after a Car Accident (Part 1); you may suffer from emotional distress, physical injuries, and property damages if you were involved in a car accident. You are entitled to sue the other driver, but you should be prepared to face different problems that may arise during the litigation process.

A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer can make things easier for you. It will be his job to prove that the defendant is at fault in the accident, thus enabling you to recover monetary damages for your injuries. This goal may be attained by presenting evidence which supports your claims and witnesses who have seen the events that led to the accident. For example, your witnesses can make your case stronger by saying that the driver was speeding or he failed to stop at a red light moments before the crash occurred.

In short, your attorney is expected to shoulder most of the legal work on your behalf. One of your few jobs is to choose the right lawyer whom you think is qualified to represent you in court.

The first article discussed the two primary ways on how you can find a lawyer. In addition, it mentioned the different questions you need to ask him in order to know more about his background.

During the initial meeting, do not expect that you will be the only one who will acquire information from him. Your lawyer will also ask you to give him the details regarding the accident in the aim of determining whether you are really the victim in it.

The length or duration of the initial meeting will depend on the complexity of your case as well as your demands from the other driver.

Here are the things that the lawyer may do during the meeting:

  • Ask if you are willing to sign a document which will allow the release of all your medical records from your health care providers. This way, he can acquire such records on his own, even without your presence.
  • Ask you to give him important details about your car insurance policy.
  • Refuse to handle your case due to various reasons like:
  1. Economic situation
  2. Specialties or capabilities
  3. Heavy caseload
  4. Family responsibilities
  • Give your case to his colleague. This situation happens when he cannot handle the case, but knows someone who can do it.
  • Prohibit you from telling the details of your case to outside parties because doing so may reduce your chances of winning it.

If you have more questions about the relationship between personal injury lawyers and their clients, do not hesitate to read Seeking Legal Aid after a Car Accident (Part 3).