Investigate an Online Adjunct Community College Job

Have you ever considered investigating an Online Adjunct Community College Job? I did and after three years of working for a major For Profit College, I am convinced that this is the way to go for now and in the future. Many traditional colleges adopt what is called a blended mode of delivery. They use a blend of both traditional and online modes of delivery. One can do both; the major advantage of the online approach is its flexibility. For many years curriculum builders have tried to gain flexibility by using evening classes. Online education takes this a step further and uses what is called Asymmetric time. One can enter the class at 3:00 am and post assignments, ask questions or review a lecture. The computer program calculates when you signed in and how long you stayed and what you posted.

The main difference between traditional and online education is not the content. The content is virtually the same. In a basic curriculum both groups of students would take similar courses in History, English, Math, Civics, Science and so forth. The online school would offer the same. The difference is the delivery system. The traditional curriculum requires the student to be at a specific place and a specific time and the online arrangement does not. One could travel to the Bahamas

and still stay current with course work. All one would need is a laptop computer.

If a new instructor signs onto a course, the first thing they will notice is how the course is symbolized on the computer monitor. The monitor is divided into color coded sections. Each section represents an aspect of the course one is viewing. For example, the first section that one encounters is Announcements. Here, the administration can post urgent messages regarding emergency schedule changes and alterations in the course offerings for the next term. The administration could announce that storms are causing evacuations in certain parts of the country and as a result some of the school's students who live in that area would be affected. The instructor can post her policy on absences and on late work submitted. Also, she will post office hours. The students should read the announcements every time they sign on. This will help keep them current with the course.

As we move down the list, we come to Assignments. Here the assignments are pre-packaged; the instructor does not have to write lesson plans; they are written by the curriculum designers. The instructor acts as a facilitator. The criteria for acceptable performance of the students is given in a rubric, where each task is weighted a certain number of points. Due dates are given and the penalty for late work is also indicated.

Online Adjunct Community College Job Promotes Critical Thinking

Online instruction stresses critical thinking and encourages students to make connections on their own. The section labeled as Problems and Solutions gives the student the opportunity to share special insights they have gleaned from experimentation with navigation and locating links that are useful. Further, the student can take advantage of the many tutorials available and can use these tutorials independently. For example, if they want to be able to identify and correct comma splices, there is a link that will help them; if they want to learn how to use APA more effectively, there is a tutorial that will guide them. If they want to know how to avoid plagiarism, they can use the link to If students want to know how to use the online library, there is a link that will guide them. The instructor is there to facilitate, not to teach in the conventional sense. The idea is to get the student to become independent thinkers and not simply recorders that spit back information.

The very heart of the course is manifest in the Discussion Thread. Here the instructor throws out a prompt and the students respond to it. The question is moved from one student to another and the instructor works to draw out the students who are not participating. The idea is get students to respond to students and not always to the instructor. The instructor will often piggyback on what a student has said and then move the question to another student. Another strategy is for the instructor to share his experience relating to the question and invite the students to do so regarding their experience.

Online Adjunct Community College Job Transforms Grading

Grading is practically done for you if you are the instructor. Recall that the rubric is used throughout and the points earned on each assignment are averaged. The instructor has access to all student grades, while the students have access only to their grades. This system if useful for conferences with the student and in the event that the student and instructor conflict over the interpretation of the grade, the grading system is all the more useful. It is useful too if the conflict becomes litigious. Grades are based on objective tests and these tests are timed, on the participation of the student in the Discussion Thread, and on the student's contribution to the group project. The group project provides practice for the student in working as part of a team and toward a common goal, skills they are likely to encounter in the workplace or industry.

If a student desires interaction with his instructor, he can post his question on Ask the Professor and expect a 24 hr. turnaround. This is a board that makes the answer public, visible to the other students. The idea is that one can learn from one's peers. If privacy is wanted then the student should use the email link.

In Student Lounge, the student is given the opportunity of sharing with other students without the stress of having to perform for a grade. Research has shown that such sharing can often result in bonding which supports the students through their academic career and beyond. These relationships hold, whether the students focus on personal issues or on the viability of online adjunct college teaching jobs.

It should be noted that community colleges offer excellent opportunities for landing online adjunct professor jobs since there are thousands of htem now experiencing large growthin the numbers of new students wantng to ean a two-year degree.