Social Bookmarking is a very powerful tool in any internet marketers arsenal. What social bookmarking allows you to do is make lots of deep links to your articles to help search engines crawl your site. Page Rank is one of the metrics used to determine site rank in the search engines. Page Rank is based on the amount of link popularity pointing to a site. This link popularity passess on from site to site so link popularity generated by the second site in a link chain is passed on to the final site on the chain. You can increase the search engine juice very quickly by linking to any site in the link juice train.

Social Bookmarking allows you to increase the link juice of any page in your link train very quickly. Changes in page rank are a good way to measure the success of your bookmarking campaign. You can't really compare sites by comparing page rank but the progression of page rank on a particular page is a good way to measure how effective your link building strategy is.

There are also ads on social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites make money. You're helping to generate content for the site so shouldn't you share in the revenue?

Seekyt is a revenue sharing social bookmarking site. It shares 65% of the revenue with it's writers. This means that you can generate a little extra money by bookmarking your articles and this money can compound over time as you write more bookmarks and the site gains authority.

Let's talk about some of the features that differentiate Seekyt from other social bookmarking sites. First, there's the community. Snipsly and Jevitt may be easier to use and have higher revenue sharing but a good community has a lot of advantages. First, the points system encourages people to vote and leave comments on other peoples content. Both of these activities give a dofollow backlink to your content via an RSS feed. Commenting is especially helpful as it gives more content to your bookmarks which by their nature tend to be very comment light. A short one sentence comment can increase the content of your bookmark by one hundred percent!

Then there's the search engine friendly urls. There's no dates. Just:

Next advantage is the Keyword Authority for seek. There are tons of niches that are seek heavy mainly job seeking. This will allow you to rank a little bit easier for job seeking related key terms. There's also dating and games that involve the keyword seek. There's also the possibility that someone might type in an unconventional long tail using the keyword seek in any niche like: "I seek green tea".

Then there's the keyword authority for the category. The categories are: News, Games, Videos, Sites, Articles, Blogs, Products, Sports, and Health. Due to constant internal linking for these categories and due to the prescence of the categories in the url you'll find it easier to rank for any long tail keywords using the category name.

Think: "Paris Hilton News", "Seek and Find Games", "Exercise Videos", "Roleplaying Sites", "Historical Articles", "Personal Finance Blogs", "Hair Loss Products", "Outdoor Sports Gear", and "Cat Health". You can find a way to take advantage of the categories for almost any niche driving more traffic to your website.

Now using Seekyt won't take your site to number one on it's own but it will help search engines to crawl your entire site and all the pages linking to your site. It also has some neat features that you can use to make money.