is beginning to get more traction in the world of revenue sharing websites. Although I haven't invested very much time or put very much effort into writing there yet, I'm already beginning to see the power of its platform, ad layout and rankings and will continue to update this article with my earnings and progress in the coming months. 

If you haven't already, I would highly reccommend that you sign-up for seekyt. This site is not yet mature enough to flex the kind of rankings muscle that Infobarrel, squidoo and hubpages can, and Infobarrel will always be my first love, but seekyt is showing great potential. 

My Seekyt Earnings and Experience

When seekyt first launched, I slapped up three 500 word articles for the backlink juice and didn't think much of the site to begin with. Frankly, I found the layout and interface to be a bit busy, but over time it has started growing on me. 

The upside of its somewhat crowded layout is that adsense blocks are nested very snugly within the wrapped text of your article. The submission interface even gives authors the ability to switch up adsense block layouts should you want to experiment with new designs. 

Being an inveterate adsense-checking addict, I've been noticing that my seekyt account of roughly 15 articles has been picking up in page views recently. In fact, seekyt has gotten decent pageviews and made money the last three days in a row, which is exciting enough to get me to put up some more articles there. 

I can boast 57 cents made off seekyt in the last 3 days, having only a handful of articles live. I think that merits some more work done!

Seekyt's Eccentricities

Many writers, and readers, are likely to be put off by seekyt's unique, if not somewhat busy, design and feel. The admin is working very hard and consistently updating and improving the site and I've noticed the overall design has come a long way even in the last few months, leading to a much smoother and more inviting appearance. 

You'll either initially jive with this design or be put off by it, but this isn't the only consideration when choosing what revenue sharing site is worth all of your time and hard work. After all, the reason that Infobarrel is such an excellent place to write and earn online is that the admins are very conscientious about taking care of their writers and carefully safeguarding the site's rankings by following web content best practices. 

Seekyt's admin seems to be of a similar mindset. I've noticed him being quick to respond in full to writers' requests and quick to implement new changes and features as they are requested. This bodes well for the future of the site and its overall chances of success in the revenue sharing sphere. 

Why Seekyt is Worth a Shot

Publishing on seekyt is a smooth process and the author's interface itself is fairly simple and straightforward and not very buggy in my experience. I would like to see more in the way of draft-saving capability and I'm sure the admin has this on his radar screen. 

Meanwhile, Seekyt's actual writing space has a pretty nifty feature wherein its borders will instantly turn green once you've crossed over the minimum word count for an article, making it very simple to guage how much more you need to write when you're trying to publish several articles quickly. 

Although the overall adsense revenue sharing is slightly lower than Infobarrel's default of 75%, Seekyt does offer amazon affiliate marketing features, too. These are very easily integrated upon publishing. 

Meanwhile, you get nice fat do-follow links coming off your seekyt articles and the site is currently sitting at page rank 3, which is respectable for its age. 

I am going to put a good deal more work into Seekyt before giving it a final verdict, but all signs so far point to it being a worthy recipient of my articles. If you want to give Seekyt a shot you can sign-up here.